today was pretty fun for a change. 1st period AP comp sci we had a test that i had completely forgotten about, but i think i did really well. and in AP physics we finished lab presentations. tricia & daniel are so awesome. i’ve known them since 7th grade and they’re my lab partners. and they’re probably 2 of the goofiest people i know :) very awesome. precal was just easy. we had a test in US history, the class i dread. i hate that class. it’s incredibly boring, not saying mr. cochrane isn’t a good teacher, because he is awesome. i just don’t like learning about history unless i’m outside of the classroom. oh well. and i hate english class with a passion. i can’t stand 95% of the people in my class. but i’ll just deal with that.
and i finally went back to work today at my CBT/webdesign job. it was great being back there again. i hadn’t been in a while since my car was gone and school started up. i didn’t have a schedule set up. so now, i have 2 free days a week, and that doesn’t include schoolwork & extra curricular activities. icky. oh well.

hopefully tomorrow will be somewhat exciting. i’m gonna go sign up for interact and spanish club after school. i hadn’t paid my dues for those yet. that’s gonna suck. i dont know if i’m going to even have time.

but, i’m gonna go. i’ll post later tonight.