November 2003

happy thanksgiving 11.26.03 | 9:43 PM | posted by whit
i hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving! i’m gonna be gone all day tomorrow and probably friday and saturday and sunday too… so everyone stay safe & have a good turkey day.

life is great 11.25.03 | 11:09 AM | posted by whit
i don’t think things could get any better. i know who i want to be with <333, i got into college, my grades are up, plus, we've got a 5-day weekend and it's thanksgiving in 2 days. shane & i are going to my dad's for dinner tonight, which i haven't done in a while, and tim is back home from georgia this week! shane is leaving for korea sunday, which is gonna leave me a mess for a pretty good while. he'll be gone for a year, and i'm gonna go crazy insane, but everything will come out good in the end. i've not been this happy in a looong, long time. =) i won't be posting a lot this weekend. i've got more important things to do and certain people i'd rather be with! back from the mountains 11.23.03 | 6:12 PM | posted by whit this weekend was amazing... shane and grainger and i stayed up in the great smoky mountains friday and saturday night, and it was so much fun. pictures will be posted sooner or later. so far, i have 7 disposable cameras that i need to get developed... so uh, bear with me. =D i gotta get back to chemistry... i'll post some other time. stuck home sick 11.19.03 | 11:28 AM | posted by whit it figures... the two weeks that i'm supposed to have the most awesomest time ever is when i get sick. i definitely left school after 1st period today with my head feeling like a pancake, a stuffy nose, a sore throat, and to top it off, i was soaking wet. my stomach was killing me before i left for school but i knew i had a chemistry test that i needed to get done after i went to the orthodontist so i went anyway. i got it over with, but it's hard to concentrate on a test when you feel like you're about to keel over. i guess i'll just make up my english test later this week. i finally rewired my room with the new cable splitter. i bought it probably over a month ago, and i never got around to fixing it. i haven't watched TV in about 2 months or more, so i never really had the motivation to fix it. good stuff. i forgot my mom got cable again. now i have MTV, even though nothing good is on right now. they keep playing rap junk. since shane's been back, we've been havin' a great time. we went to olive garden and partied hard this past weekend, even though he slept most of the time, and we've been tryin' to get in as much stuff as possible before he has to leave again. we've gone to the mall a few times, and we crammed us and grainger in the photo booth again. good times, good times. last night byrd, matt, thomas, scott, veda, anne, shane, & i went to east coast wings for dinner, and that was fun. lots of spitwads and lots of short jokes... go figure. we went back to scott's house and i did homework until 9 and finally headed back to my house. shane followed me and ended up staying 'cause my mom was paranoid of a storm, which didn't happen. oh well! as much as this week has sucked so far, in terms of school, i don't want it to end. or next week. outside school, it's been amazing. i'm not sure how that works out? i need to go work on chemistry, again. this class is ridiculous. i might post later. never been happier 11.17.03 | 11:26 PM | posted by whit this has been and will be the best 2 weeks ever. i won't be home a lot and i won't be posting a lot. i've got a ton of school stuff to get done and other things on my mind that are much more important than this website. i just can't wait until the weekend. i'm about to go finish writing notes for english. i completely forgot about these things, and i'm wired anyway, so i might as well get them done now. sorry for the lack of posts! night. nice break from school 11.12.03 | 4:45 PM | posted by whit well, grainger and scott will be here in a little bit... and then we're off to georgia! this is gonna be awesome. the misfits pictures are up in the gallery, too. once i get my camera developed, i'll put mine up. nice break from school 11.11.03 | 11:40 AM | posted by whit today is veterans' day and you know what that means!!! NO SCHOOL! good stuff. i woke up at 8:30 at scott's somehow and everyone was asleep and i was bored so i drove home. i planned on going to sleep for the rest of the afternoon but i guess that plan failed. i don't know how i woke up that early. i guess i'm used to 4 hours of sleep and then when i have a chance to get about 7, that's all i need. that's sad. anyway, i've been making use of my time. i burned matt's CDs finally since i got a working copy of nero. the crack for the one i had was screwed and windows media player bites for burning any kind of CDs whatsoever. i hate it. i got my room cleaned too, and once i reinstall norton, i'm gonna start packing for georgia. i'm leaving tomorrow afternoon instead of thursday morning since some plans got a little screwed so this will be interesting! hopefully we'll have lots of pictures. i also have to put up the pictures from the misfits show. grainger has them on his computer and i forgot to get them while we were at scott's last night. so, there will be lots to be updated in the gallery. i'm gonna go get this stuff done and then i think ry~ry and i are gonna do homework over here in a little bit. fun stuff. at least i'll get it done before tomorrow morning! this weekend has been CRAZY 11.09.03 | 10:13 AM | posted by whit friday night i had to work 5-9 so i figured i'd just go up to king afterwards... plans kind of changed. hardly anyone was at scott's and most of them were leaving! buttheads. anyway, dan and i made plans to go see the matrix. that plan failed and we wound up at chilis. i got nachos and he got steak, and we got a massive desert (again). it was sooo good. we left and he claimed he wanted to show me something at wal-mart, but being the ass that he is, he emptied a bottle of silly string on me. go figure. i drove him home and since i was in advance, i called brad to see what he was up to. i hadn't seen brad or dan since may so seeing just one of them for a little while was a miracle. we can never find time anymore. brad and his buddies met up with me at lowes foods and we went over to waffle house. i think that's the first time i've ever seen people actually eat waffles at waffle house. kinda weird. but yeah, it was 8 of us, and the only one of the guys i knew was brad, so it was pretty cool meeting a bunch of new people. usually davie county guys are really nice. it was a good night. i got home around 2:30 and crashed. i was supposed to go to a 7:30 meeting at work. i set my alarm for 6 and i did wake up, but i must've closed my eyes for a second and i fell right back asleep, until something woke me up at 7:32 and the only things running through my brain were "i'm so dead." kinda sucks. i went into work a half an hour earlier than scheduled and i thought they were gonna chew me out and chop my head off for missing the meeting, or at least a write-up, but nothing happened. i'm not sure how that works out. i worked 8:30-5:30... i've never liked shifts like that, but i need more hours lately. i went home and grainger came and picked me up around 6:30... we went to wendy's and stopped at a few gas stations looking for an ATM that wasn't "out of order", i found white chocolate kit kat bars, and finally, we were on our way to highpoint to see the MISFITS!!!!!!!!11 they were playing with agent orange last night at this new venue that just opened like 4 nights ago. it was so awesome. neither of us had seen either of the bands live, but it was one of the most fun shows i've ever been to. who kissed jerry only?! i think I DID! that guy is crrrazy. we definitely got some good pictures with him. i got a shirt too. heh, it'll be fun to wear to school. i'm gonna get some comments. i gotta go get ready to go to work, 12-6. exciting. i think i'm going to chilis again tonight with matt. good stuff. i'll probably post tomorrow. bleh 11.07.03 | 1:57 PM | posted by whit yesterday sucked. hmph. so, george bush came to fo-tech today. can we say INCONVENIENT? apparently there was no where to park at fo-tech and silas creek was alllll messed up. i know he's the president but it's really not a fun thing trying to cram thousands of teenagers driving like idiots into small little backroads to get to school. we had the carnival at career center today. i went during the morning and since we didn't have class i went home after english. today hasn't been a very exciting day. i'm gonna go change clothes and then swing by work to grab my paycheck... i get to go back from 5-9 anyway. yuck. i definitely need to get out of winston tonight. i'll be stuck at work for 8 hours tomorrow. what fun! heck yeah, pink CAT-5 11.05.03 | 9:20 PM | posted by whit who has pink CAT-5? i think WHIT DOES! scott is awesome. i saw it hanging on his wall in the basement and he didn't know where it came from, so he just handed it over. this is great. i don't know what to do with it yet, 'cause it's definitely not long enough to use in my room. maybe when i get the old compaq crapaq set up and running again, i can use it on there. miniLAN in whit's room... whoa now. i definitely don't feel like doing homework. it figures, the one day that i don't go to king, i don't get my homework done. i guess this means i get to start now. god dangit, this bites. oops 11.05.03 | 11:21 AM | posted by whit i've been slacking on posts since halloween. i've been out of the house a lot and i've had a lot of crap to do. only 23 weeks of school to go! i'm sitting in mrs. taylor's office again. i got here late again since a few people decided to block me in at career center. i hate it when that happens. i definitely need to find a new parking spot. last night was pretty awesome. i met scott, duane, matt, thomas, and veda (spelling?) at pizza hut and then i met ry~ry over at border's to do homework. good stuff. as much as i don't like border's, we had fun, and i got my homework done. i'm gonna go to lunch. i might get to post later today, but i'm not sure. i <3 these guys 11.02.03 | 11:30 PM | posted by whit this weekend was nothing short of amazing. i always have fun when i'm with these guys, but man, the halloween party was awesome. i got to be a little devil and the rest of the weekend was great too. i wasn't scheduled to work, which was crazy, so it was a much needed break from everything. me and grainger and thomas went shopping on friday to see what i could wear for halloween, and threw some stuff together that ended up looking pretty sweet =) it was cheap too. the party at thomas's was awesome... so much fun. so many people were there, including austin who i hadn't seen since july at his party. it was a good night... i didn't end up falling asleep for good until around 2:30. i kept getting beaten with pillows and jumped on by hyper, wild drunks. it was ridiculous. since grainer worked 3rd shift that night i got him and my mom to call and wake me up around 5:30 so i could drive home. i drove home and slept 'til around 7:20 and then left for the SATs at parkland. they were a lot longer than i remembered-- i didn't leave 'til around 12 or a little after. i ended up sleeping until around 7:00 that night. i had a nice 4-hour nap... i haven't had one of those in a long time, but anyway, i got up and showered and went to my dad's after that. he made me dinner and it was good to be there. i hadn't been in a while. i drove up to thomas's around 10. someone had hit a deer and left it in scott's driveway so the guys dragged t to thomas's house. me, matt, grainger, and scott stayed at thomas's while they completely butchered that thing. i'm glad i missed the gutting part. i can't stand to see that again. we went back to scott's house after that and just hung out for the rest of the night. we watched idle hands and played these crazy naming games (which i suck at, but still won!) and stayed up talking 'til around 6:00 AM. i crashed after that and all of us woke up around noon. me, grainger, austin, and matt went to mi pueblo for lunch, and we went to walmart, and stopped by my dad's house again. matt wanted to meet him so we all had a nice little visit. we went to food lion so matt could get his work done. grainger and austin and i took matt's truck and drove around welcome for about an hour waiting for matt to get off work, singing limp bizkit, and finally we went to matt's house. i got to shoot a shotgun, which killed my shoulder but it's all good. matt refuses to tell me what kind i shot. i guess it doesn't really matter. matt informs me that it was a 12 gauge. it was a big ol' gun, and that's all i know. after matt's house, we went on a little *ghost hunt* to payne road and walked around for a little while. the guys like trying to scare the piss out of me... argh. i hate graveyards, and they definitely ran off and tried to leave me in one. they wouldn't have found it funny had i tripped and cracked my skull on a tombstone. buttheads. we went back to scott's house and watched evil dead 2, and then i went home. and here i am. i'm bored out of my mind and i'm dreading school tomorrow. i guess i should get some rest though. check out the halloween pictures... more are up. night guys. pictures are up 11.02.03 | 03:06 AM | posted by whit i got some of the halloween pictures up in the gallery. they're under holidays. i still have to get the majority of the photos from byrd, so i don't know when that will be. he's got some good ones =) i'm really sleepy, so i might crash here in a bit. i hope no one messes with me when i'm sleeping... happy halloween! 11.01.03 | 01:13 PM | posted by whit i hope everyone had a happy [late] halloween! i know i did. =D =D =D lots of fun. pictures will be posted shortly... be prepared ;x SATs are never fun. i never really liked 4-hour tests... but it's over & done with and i think i beasted out the math section! i'll post later. i think i'm gonna take a lil' nap. i'm reeeeally sleepy.

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