December 2003

happy new year! 12.31.03 | 2:55 PM | posted by whit
wow… last night was great. the line-up went creamy velour, the clear, and athenaeum. if you weren’t there, you missed an awesome show. that was the best athenaeum show i’ve been to so far. i don’t think i was much more than a foot from mike ’cause as the night went on, i got pushed more forward so i was just about standing on the stage. len got some good pictures for me since he has a bit of a height advantage on me so he got a few overhead pics for me. rach & i got some good ones with the guys too. i also got a picture with marshal, the drummer for the clear. the pictures are up in the gallery.

tonight will be yet another crazy party at thomas’s house. i’m ready for it, and i’m prepared for the drama if needbe. i hope i get to see everyone there! happy new year y’all!

athenaeum tonight 12.30.03 | 3:00 PM | posted by whit
i ain’t dead y’all. just been busy!

man… i’m lovin’ this christmas break. i’ve had so much fun, with the exception of shane not being here, but i’ve made the best of it for sure. grainger and i went to mi pueblo last night after we stopped by scott’s. we got a ton of candy from wal-mart and smuggled it into the movie theater to see LOTR. that movie is awesome. definitely worth the money. i was impressed. it even made me cry… ;) the guys stayed up at scott’s playing FFXI and i was up ’til around 3:30 or so. i finally crashed. i don’t see how, especially considering i didn’t wake up yesterday ’til 2:30 in the afternoon. my sleeping habits are so messed up. it’s gonna suck going back to school.

my posts might be shorter on here. i finally brought back my livejournal. i’ve been kinda trying to manage these 2 and it’s getting confusing, but that’s ok. it isn’t a friends only, either.

i gotta get ready to go. i need to shower and hop on over to record exchange if i don’t wanna wait in line tonight for a ticket. ziggy’s gets backed up real quick–especially with athenaeum.

so sleepy 12.28.03 | 12:08 AM | posted by whit
yeahhh… i’ve been slacking on the posts. oh well. too bad, so sad! ;) y’all will get over it, i’m sure. anyway, today ry~ry and i had a crazy fun time at the mall, pizza hut, and the basketball game… and now i’m tired as heck sitting in my room about to fall asleep at the keyboard… trying to stay conscious to talk to shane. this post was pointless.

pictures are up in the gallery from christmas and 12/27 with ry~ry.

merry christmas 12.26.03 | 6:43 PM | posted by whit
christmas was awesome! pictures are up in the gallery. enjoy… i’m not going to even attempt to explain any of it. i was at my mom’s for a little while, at my dad’s for a little while, at lake norman for the afternoon, and then partied all night long. i’ll leave it at that. =)

enjoying the break 12.23.03 | 2:09 PM | posted by whit
so far, so good. i’ve been having an awesome christmas break. sarah’s house was so much fun the other night! it was me, sarah, becky, rachel, ashley, anna, chris, and michael. michael is the guy sarah is *talking to* and chris has been a friend of ours since about 7th grade. we had fun. we watched titanic (and ridiculed it the whole time) and pigged out on junk food, and opened christmas presents! everyone left but me, becky, and rachel so the four of us sat in sarah’s basement ’til around 4 AM talkin’ about the good ol’ days ;) back in elementary school when we ruled everyone.

i went home yesterday morning and showered. i met sarah at the mall around 1 and knocked out some more christmas shopping. i only have to get a couple more things and i know exactly what they are and where they are so i don’t have to go hunting through crowds of people trying to figure out what to buy. thank god. the mall has been hell lately! we met byrd, duane, and matt up at east coast wings at 4 after the mall. that was fun… gotta love ’em. sarah ended up driving back home and i went w/the guys to scott’s and then to thomas’s house. thomas wasn’t there though *cough*ass*cough* and we all left. i went to best buy on the way home and did even more shopping and then went home. i didn’t get to stay home very long… but it gave me time to finish wrapping presents and talk to shane <3 good stuff. i headed out around 9:15 to go to ashley's. it was me, ashley, sarah, becky, anna, chris, chris, and michael. we cooked dinner last night, and man it was good! we had chicken and black eyed peas and green peas and salad and chocolate cake and cookies! we all decided we're good cooks when it's a group effort. none of us could just wing up something like that by ourselves. that could be a disaster. but we done good ;) and it was a pretty fun night. i came home around 12:30 and talked to shane 'til about 2:30 and then i crashed. it was a looong day yesterday! so i'm sitting here in my pajamas and it's the middle of the afternoon. i need to get up. i need to get dressed so i can make my last trip to the mall. i'm scared to even think about going tomorrow... eek! tim and thomas want me to go to LOTR tonight and grainger wants to go too so i don't have a clue where i'll be or when i'll be there so i'll most likely not be posting tonight. tomorrow and thursday are going to be jam packed, so i might not even get time to post then either! merry christmas, guys! sundays suck 12.21.03 | 1:45 PM | posted by whit they are ever so boring. i can't complain though... i've been wanting to sit and do nothing and sleep in for a while now. although, i didn't sleep in much. shane's mom called around 8:15 and woke me up... goodness. oh well! grainger came over last night and we watched lilo & stitch since he hadn't seen it. what a freak! he liked it though... he's gonna kill me for saying that too. he'll live. he left kinda early and i went to sleep pretty early too. i got more sleep than i'm used to, so it's all good. i'm waiting for the right time to get up and take a shower. i don't have to be anywhere 'til 9:00 tonight. i'm going to sarah's with everyone else to exchange gifts. it's gonna be fuuunnn! and it'll put me in a good mood too. after that, who knows what. i'm not even sure if i'm spending the night there or not... i don't know if we're supposed to? hmm.. but if i don't, i have a feeling i'll end up in king! heck yeah ;) this christmas break is gonna rock. and the break begins! 12.19.03 | 3:23 PM | posted by whit today has been so boring. i woke up at 5:30 and showered and everything, and then i remembered that west classes/exams don't start until 8:45, not 8:05. so i definitely has about an hour & 45 minutes to do absolutely nothing this morning. the free time was nice 'cause i didn't have to rush, but it would've been nice to get to sleep later. oh well. i did get to talk to shane so that makes up for it. since i've missed so many days from being sick, i had to take the comp. app. exam even though i'm not really taking that class. i work on the school website while the rest of the class actually takes the class so i kind of took the exam not knowing what to expect. mrs. taylor gave me the wrong form so i ended up taking an e-commerce test which was all webpage stuff... so i did awesome! =D and she's not making me take the regular one that i was supposed to take originally. i lucked out... only 100 questions instead of 175! it was great. but i did the exam in 25 minutes and had to sit around for about 2 hours... that really sucked. she let me leave a few minutes early so i could get out of the parking lot without getting stuck in the traffic. i went home and got some food and then went to the career center. i just finished the comp. sci. exam and it was so long! i don't remember last year's being this long... hm. i did ok, i think. i could sit down and write a whole program in java but i can't take mrs. fix's tests. a lot of other people agree with me too, 'cause she is so vague on everything she asks, and her questions are always iffy... like there could be more than one answer, so you're not sure which is the best one to pick. it pisses me off. that's what always screws me over. i'm gonna go find some games to play. i might post later. 2 more exams to go! 12.19.03 | 12:25 AM | posted by whit heck yeah. only 2 more exams left... this is great! my stress is floating away =D i think i kicked my calculus exam's ass today. there was only 1 multiple choice that i think i might've gotten wrong and then i didn't get to finish the very last part of a free response question. YAY! i talked to so many people today that i hadn't talked to in ages. even online friends that i hadn't talked to in years. it was nice.. things like that should happen more often. 1. Using band names, spell out your name: Weezer HIM Iron maiden Tom petty New found glory Eve 6 Yellowcard 2. Have you ever had a song written about you? yup 3. What song makes you sad? sister hazel - best i'll ever be 4. What song makes you happy? keith urban - who wouldn't wanna be me 5. What do you like to listen to before bed? styx <3 6. Who was/were your idol/idols when you were younger? the spice girls... 5th grade! 7. First album you ever bought? hanson! i was 10 8. Name a song that reminds you of someone. beach boys - one summer night ~ shane the misfits - helena ~ grainger styx - renegade ~ shane & grainger three doors down - here without you ~ shane avril lavigne - complicated ~ ry~ry & grainger a horrible morning, but an awesome afternoon 12.17.03 | 6:15 PM | posted by whit this morning sucked. i got to school at 7:30 not knowing the exam schedule... exams didn't start until 9:20. figures. oh well. the chemistry exam sucked. i get 10 pts added and she's curving the heck out of it, so if i don't pass with all that then i'm officially a loser. i hate that class anyway. i got into college... i shouldn't care anymore. i hate school. the english exam wasn't too bad, except for the part on macbeth. i didn't get to finish macbeth in class with everyone since i was absent all those days from being sick... and there's no way i would've been able to understand everything with it being in goofy english like it is. oh well. it's all good. sarah & ashley & i went to wendy's after school and ate a TON. since the 1st period exam ran over our lunch period back at west, we didn't get lunch. so we had to go right into our 4th period exam... starving. i definitely am not hungry anymore. i got home and ran up the porch steps, and jumped over the package sitting on the top step 'cause just about every other day my mom has something ordered to the house randomly. i screamed at my mom and asked her if it was hers and if she knew it was there... and she said, "no that's yours, it's flowers" and i'm thinking, who in the hell bought me flowers? i opened the box and it was a dozen red roses, and a box of chocolates, and a card. it was from shane =) i still haven't stopped smiling. i had a lousy day, but this afternoon has been great. i <3 you. sitting in cisco 12.16.03 | 9:30 AM | posted by whit i'm about to die of boredom. i'm sitting in cisco, and i still have to sit here another hour at least. peting isn't letting us out after we finish the exam. i finished it 50 minutes ago, and i've been waiting for everyone else to finish so i can actually screw around online. it figures, i'm right up front so he can see just about everything i do on my computer... at least he won't say anything about notepad. this week and last week have been ridiculous. besides exams, i have had absolutely nothing to do--no homework, nothin'. it's awesome. i've had to study, but at least i don't have busywork and due dates to worry about. i'm sick of that crap. i'm definitely looking forward to christmas break. after this i think i'm gonna grab some food and then i don't have to be anywhere until 11:45 when 1st lunch is over. english class sucks but hey, we're not doing anything at all. i'm hoping she lets us watch TV again. last week she snagged jungle book from a teacher downstairs and let us watch it... good stuff. i'm gonna go find something to cure my boredom. boredom at home 12.14.03 | 10:57 PM | posted by whit 2 hour delay tomorrow! that kinda sucks because i needed to talk to my chemistry teacher, but uh... i guess that can wait. maybe. i'll figure it out later. drew's was fun last night. we played in the ice/snow and came inside and goofed off for the rest of the night. no one ended up actually laying down to go to bed 'til around 3. i was out like a light when i hit the floor, and striebich's snoring didn't even wake me up... which is scary. his mom made us breakfast and lunch today. we all stayed later at drew's than expected 'cause of the ice and we all left around 3:15 together when the roads were better. i've been sittin' in my room burning CDs and wrapping shane's christmas stuff... fun fun. i think i'm gonna crash here in a little while. i'm so sleepy... short post for today! sittin' at scott's 12.13.03 | 9:48 AM | posted by whit yep. i just woke up about an hour ago and scott & i are sittin' around watching star wars. duane is still asleep, and seawelly left when i woke up. byrd was a butthead and left last night around 11 after we watched the rocketeer... so it's just us now. shane called like 6 times while i was asleep and i missed the calls. i'm kinda pissed. usually my phone wakes me up but i guess i was out cold last night. grr =/ damn sleep deprivation. drew's party is supposed to be tonight, but we're supposed to have a crazy winter storm thing and it's probably gonna be preeetty icy on the roads. driving around pinnacle probably wouldn't be the best ideas. those roads scare me without the ice. drew, if i don't go, i'm sorry! i still love you! if i don't go, i think i'm gonna give becky & sarah a call. we haven't had one of our crazy sleepovers in a few months. those are always fun... and sleepless... and well, scary. i think ry~ry and i are going to see a movie sunday night. she wants to see mona lisa smile but it doesn't start 'til the 19th i think. bummer =/ we'll figure something out. i'm gonna go get some grub i think... once my leg wakes up. i've been sitting on it funny the past hour or so i've been on this computer and it's pins & needles at the moment... ahhhhhhhh, dammit! it rained a lot today... 12.10.03 | 9:33 PM | posted by whit i think i was drenched about 65% of the day today. i got stuck in the school parking lot for about 35 minutes in the rain and had an interesting experience with becky with my windshield wipers this afternoon. long story. i gotta fix that, though. =x cisco was boring, chemistry was boring, i fell asleep to macbeth being beheaded in english, i got an A on my calculus test, and computer science went by surprisingly fast. thank god. that class is starting to drive me nuts. i've had that teacher for 2 years now, and i can only take so much. ack. school was the usual, i guess. but i am proud of my calculus grade =) i love it when that happens! i've been sitting at home all evening. grainger was supposed to come over but he's got a fever and is really sore so he's definitely not comin' around me today! poor guy =\ he'll be ok. i really don't have anything worth posting about today. i'm gonna go work on my chemistry labs and look over macbeth notes for the test tomorrow. i'm not exactly looking forward to this thing, but it'll come whether i'm ready or not. later. getting sick again 12.09.03 | 10:15 PM | posted by whit i wish i could stay unsick for just a little while. it's always somethin' new. grrr... so shane called me at 5:00 this morning to wake me up for school. i had to get there early because i had a chemistry lab to make up, and my alarm clock never gets me out of bed, so i figured if i got up and talked to him for a few minutes, it would wake me up. and it did. =D thank god. i was glad to get my lab over with. i'm so sick of chemistry, and the less i have to worry about it, the better. i did manage to spill lauric & benzoic acid on my hands in the middle of the lab. it happened to be about.. ohh.. 65°-80°C. yep. fun, fun. i'm just glad i didn't uh, get too hurt. a little pain never hurts every once in a while. i can't wait 'til tomorrow. we're playing with silver chloride... joy. it's a mutator. the teacher made sure to remind us not to get it in open wounds, and for the guys not to get it anywhere near their *area*, and then she made sure to throw in "don't spill it or waste it, it's very expensive, and it's all i have. they just let us start using it at school again because it is hazardous!" comforting, eh? being the klutz that i am, i'm sure i'll find some way to screw it up. the rest of the day went smoothly. i think i did really well on the calculus test, but usually when anyone says that, it turns bad. oh well. it's over & done with! only 2 more calc. tests to go! the computer science test sucked. it had questions on sorts & searches, which i hate. i always mix them up. so i know i screwed up on that part. that's the only part of that class that i hate. i had 2 quizzes and a test to make up for english after school today so i drove back to west to do that. the test was from about 2 weeks ago and the quizzes were on material she went over when i was gone. i'm just dying to know what i made on those! not! i met up with grainger at mi pueblo for dinner. we had a horrible waiter... i hate it when that happens. we met matt, duane, byrd, scott, and nick at kama 'cause that's where they ate dinner and a few minutes later we headed over to sam's club. we just goofed off mostly and looked at candy and video games. i was just happy 'cause i got to sit in the cart the whole time. =) heck yeah. and here i am, back at home. shane's gonna call in a little while and then i'm gonna crash. night y'all. such a great day 12.08.03 | 10:19 PM | posted by whit i don't usually have good days... but holy crap, today was so much fun. i woke up and had 4 e-mails sitting in my inbox from shane, and i got to talk to him before i got ready for school. my morning started off great! i got As on both my cisco tests, my chemistry test didn't suck quite as bad as i'd expected, i had a mcflurry for breakfast, i did nothing in english, i did nothing in calculus, and i did nothing in computer science. i came home and i got to talk to shane again, and then i went to panera. i got a free caesar salad & lemonade <333 thank you mike & ben! it was so good. i went to my calculus study session and had so much fun... i think i was laughing the whole time i was in there. it was about 35 people, very hectic, and crazy. but now, i understand all of it. hopefully i'll kick that test's ass tomorrow. i came home and i got a call from brian who i hadn't talked to in ages. he and i can always talk about everything and anything, and it was so good to hear from him again. he's my buddy. shane called shortly after and we talked for a couple more minutes before he had to go. and here i am, sitting on my butt doing nothing at the computer. i have no homework tonight =) i'm gonna crash nice & early in a few minutes, and i'm waking up bright & early because i have to get to school before 7 AM to make up a chemistry lab. fun stuff. i love days like today. WYB LAN 12.07.03 | 1:34 PM | posted by whit don't you just love sleeping half the day away? =D actually, i didn't really. friday night, i slept from about 2 AM - 9 AM. last night i crashed from 1 AM - 4 AM. i played battlefield for a looong time after kenan left and then chase left and i didn't feel like sleeping on top of any tables at jay's so i decided to stay up for a bit longer. maybe someone would wake up and move so i could sleep somewhere. the guys take up so much space... so that didn't happen. but i did talk to shane for a while on the phone! =) i drove home around 7 AM and yeah, i'm awake & bored now. the pictures from the WYB LAN are up in the gallery now. there aren't very many, and they definitely don't make it look like there were a lot of people, but by around 9-10 that night, there were around 40 people there. it was great fun. ...and the site is back! 12.06.03 | 5:39 PM | posted by whit last night was by far the shortest but biggest LAN i've ever been to. there were like 40 people here and it was crazy! not everyone had their computer, which was probably a good thing since there were so many people. they wouldn't have been able to fit them all. oh well. it was still a lot of fun. i made the mistake of taking tylenol nighttime and it knocked me out good for the night. i felt bad for crashing so early (around 2AM), but i guess that's what tylenol will do =D never again will i take that junk at a LAN. i didn't even get to play battlefield for more than 5 minutes. i left jay's around 9:30-10:00 this morning and went home. i hooked my computer and everything back up, showered, and cleaned up the mess i left in my room last night. i met back up with everyone around noon at bojangles, and then we went to starbucks, and best buy, and the comic book store down the street from there. it was pretty fun... but for some reason i'm still so, so tired. i shouldn't be. maybe my body is trying to catch up on all the sleep i've missed all school year, or all of high school. i'm tired all the time now... it's kinda weird. we're all sitting around at jay's house now. i'm on blake's laptop and everyone else is struggling to stay awake. i don't blame them. the coldness in this basement isn't helping the sleepiness any either... brrr. i'm gonna go try and knock out some homework, and then i'm going to call shane. i doubt i'll post later. WYB christmas LAN =) 12.05.03 | 4:04 PM | posted by whit w00t! finally... a LAN. this is gonna be so much fun! thank you, matt and jay! <3 since i'm going to the LAN, i'm taking my computer (duhhh), and my website will be down through saturday evening, and possibly through the rest of the weekend. it depends on whether or not my IP decides to change between the time i unplug here and the time i get back home on saturday... i'm crossing my fingers =D i hate DNS changes. i plan on switching to some place like so i can update my IP manually and just set my website to those DNS servers, but i seem to forget every time i update mine. let's hope i don't next time... it will be much less of a hassle. i'm off to take a shower, e-mail a few people, and pack up my stuff! the site will be up for at least another hour and a half. i planned on going to school today 12.04.03 | 1:25 PM | posted by whit i was actually gonna go to school today... i had my make-up work 90% complete, except for the stuff that i couldn't do without having certain papers from the teacher. i'm feeling much better, and i was kinda happy to be going back so i could straighten out absences with teachers, and i wouldn't be stuck at home all day sitting around doing nothing. yeah... it decided to snow this morning. school got cancelled. if it does it again tomorrow morning, i'm going to be very pissed. i don't want to carry over all this junk to next week. i was pretty much ready for my chemistry test tomorrow, but i was looking forward to the review mowbray always does the day before the test (today), so i guess that plan is screwed over. maybe she'll bump the test over to monday or something, and we'll get to review tomorrow. i highly doubt it... she's stubborn like that. if we do go to school tomorrow, it'll be a 1-day week for me! joy. shane called around 6:20 this morning, not too long after my mom had woken me up to tell me we didn't have school. i was semi-conscious when he called but it didn't take me more than 5 seconds to get a grip and get in a good mood. his phone card started getting low so he got on AIM for and we talked for a good while. i sure do miss him... but the time will fly by. <3 i don't know why i slept so late. i went to bed at 10:40 last night, soon after i got off the phone with shane. i didn't do anything tiring yesterday... it's weird when i get to sleep that early. i just woke up 10 minutes ago and it's 1:30 in the afternoon. note to whoever reads this: never get picture disks made when you get film developed. the pictures are horrible quality. i'm so glad they came with normal prints too. i ended up scanning a ton of pictures instead of using the ones on disks. i got 4 out of my 6 disposable cameras developed that i had laying around my room. it wasn't as expensive as i expected. it was $45 to get 4 sets of prints and 4 disks, and they were 1-hour-photos. i should've expected horrible quality though... i mean, thinking about it now, you'd have to make some pretty compressed, low quality JPGs to fit 25 on a 3½" floppy disk... AND an install file for that crappy kodak picture disk program. the only reasonable use for that program is for: a) computer illiterates, b) taking the hideous black border off the pictures that gets stuck on there, and c) rotating photos so they're not upside down after the old ladies at the counter make them all the wrong way. anyway, i'm gonna go get some grub. i'm starving. everyone enjoy your snow day if you got one =) i hate school 12.03.03 | 11:21 AM | posted by whit i really do. maybe i'll miss it later, but at the moment, i hate it. i'm ready to get out of this joint and move on. this school year has not been beneficial to me in any way, other than calculus and cisco. the rest has only been busywork and more of a burden than it's worth. the amount of make-up work i have right now, wow. some of my friends i know could tell me that they did less work in a whole school year than i do in a few nights. there's something wrong there. i've been sitting here all morning trying to ease my thoughts listening to songs that usually make me feel better, but for some reason it's not working today. shane called around 5:00 this morning, which put a huge smile on my face, so as long as i keep thinking about that, i should be ok. and now, i'm back to doing homework. i might post later. another survey 12.03.03 | 10:29 AM | posted by whit i'm stuck at home again... joy. i was going through livejournals and found a survey. yay! it cured my extreme boredom for about 5 minutes. *Name Four Things That You Wish You Had* 1. medicine that worked 2. pictures from atlanta 3. my geek hoodie =( 4. mint chocolate chip ice cream *Name Four Scents You Love* 1. cookie dough 2. christmas trees 3. sunscreen 4. permanent markers *Name Four Things You'd Never Wear* 1. abercrombie (unless i have to wear a polo for work... yuck) 2. white stretch pants 3. mini skirt 4. denim shorts *Name Four Things You Are Thinking About Now* 1. shane 2. being sick 3. school 4. christmas *Name Four Things That You Have Done Today* 1. talked to shane 2. woke up 3. washed my face 4. took tylenol *Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought* 1. beloved t-shirt 2. 2 t-shirts at the mall 3. sausage biscuit 4. actifed pills *Name Four Bands/Groups Most People Don't Know You Like* 1. savage garden 2. hootie & the blowfish 3. sister hazel 4. wallflowers *Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink* 1. lemonade 2. orange soda 3. mountain dew 4. pepsi *First Grade Teacher's Name? - ms. black *Last Words You Said: - "i love you" *Last Song You Sang? - UB40 - falling in love with you *Last Person You Hugged? - shane's mom *Last Thing You Laughed At? - shane on the phone *Last Time You Cried? - last night *What's In Your CD Player? - guns n' roses, beach boys, and styx *What Color Socks Are You Wearing? - im not wearing any *What's Under Your Bed? - duffle bag *What Time Did You Wake Up Today? - 5:14, and 9:30 *Current Taste? - morning *Current Hair? - a ponytail i slept with, so it's standing up straight *Current Clothes? - shane's cammie pants & a black spaghetti strap shirt *Current Annoyance? - my cold room *Current Longing? - graduation *Current Desktop Picture? - a weird blue 3d thing *Current Worry? - make-up work *Current Hate? - school *Favorite Physical Feature Of The Opposite Sex? - chest *Last CD You Bought? - err... about a year ago, marilyn manson *Favorite Place To Be? - king *Least Favorite Place? - school *Time You Wake Up In The Morning? - 5:15 *If You Could Play An Instrument? - guitar *Favorite Color? - pink & black *How Tall Are You? - 4'11" *Current Favorite Word/Saying? - holy jesus *Favorite Season? - summer & winter *One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Go Back And Talk To: well, no one *Favorite Day? - friday & saturday *Where Would You Like To Go? - back to australia, ireland, england, scotland, new zealand, south korea wouldn't hurt ;) *What Is Your Career Going To Be Like? - i'm gonna be a geek 4 lyfe *How Many Kids Do You Want? - 1 or 2 *Favorite Car? - a big black truck *A Random Lyric: - "I could rest my head, Just knowin' that you were mine, All mine" [info] full name: whitney ellis ****** nicknames: whit, whit whit, short stack, short stuff, shorty, pinky, soccerball, short girl whit, whitney kid birth date: 7/5/86 zodiac sign: cancer eye color: brown hair color: brown with blonde height: 4'11" right or left handed: right [random] most overused online phrase: lol weakness: his eyes, slow dancing when no one else is around fears: college first thought this morning: still sick... shiiit perfect pizza: pizza hut, personal pan meat lovers best physical feature: on a guy... eyes, chest, back bed time: ha.. ha.. depends on the workload [this or that] Pepsi or Coke: pepsi McDonald's or Burger King: mcdonalds single or group dates: single sweetened or unsweetened tea: i don't drink tea chocolate or vanilla: chocolate cappuccino or coffee: neither [yes or no] smoke: no drink: no cuss: only when i'm mad or frustrated sing: yes take a shower daily: yes have a crush: it's more than that been in love: i am want to go to college: yes want to get married: yes believe in yourself: sometimes get motion sickness: sometimes think you're attractive: sometimes think you're a health freak: no like thunderstorms: only when i'm at home in PJs play an instrument: no [in the past month] drank alcohol: no smoked: no done a drug: no had sex: no made out: yes gone on a date: yes gone to the mall: yes eat sushi: no been on stage: no gone skating: no gone skinny dipping: no dyed your hair: no stolen anything: no [hopes and dreams] age to be married: between 20 and 22 number of children: 1 or 2 cause of death: old age college and/or career: app or ncsu, computer science or computer engineering [in a mate] best eye color: blue :) best hair color: dark brown short or long hair: high & tight baby =) height: taller age: older eww sickness 12.02.03 | 2:21 PM | posted by whit it'd be real nice if this sick stuff would go away. the doctor doesn't know what i have. apparently, it's not mono, or strep, or the flu. now, last time i had a cold, it was NOT like this. i haven't been this sick in ages... and it bites. i'm sick of medicine, and i know i don't want anymore shots. SOMEONE MAKE ME BETTER, DAMMIT! oh yeah, the pinkeye is a nice touch too. ugh. i've been sitting at home like a bum for the past 2 days. i'd rather be at school than here feeling like this. i never thought i'd say those words. what is happening to me? i don't need make-up work or any of that crap to stress me out. i've got enough on my mind as it is, and i'm definitely not ready to go listen to my teachers complain to me about making up tests/quizzes. i definitely don't have the patience. i got another call from shane last night, which was awesome. he's in south korea and they got to the base. they've got DSL in the barracks, so he was excited about that. i'm gonna be getting a ton of pictures. he's gonna send me the pictures from the trip to atlanta this sunday, so i'll put those up once i get them. i miss that boy! the 14 hour time difference is gonna screw me up. bleh. i'm gonna go get started on more calculus. weee... this bites. pulling myself together 12.01.03 | 4:19 PM | posted by whit no, i haven't fallen off the face of the earth. i'm still here... i've just not been home really since today. i'm sick again/still and i didn't go to school. i went to the doctor instead. if the school gives me another unexcused absence, i'm going to raise hell. shane's gone to korea and i've lost my mind. i will be ok... i gotta keep telling myself that. this post is cut short. i've gotta clean my room... it is a disaster area and it's about to drive me nuts. i'll post more when i get to feeling better and i don't have so much on my mind. i hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving break.

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