January 2004

pictures 01.31.04 | 1:10 AM | posted by whit
pictures are up from grainger’s going away party tonight. i’m too tired and i have no motivation to post a bunch of crap right now. i’m talking to shane, and going to sleep. goodnight.

virus 01.30.04 | 2:35 AM | posted by whit
so who else is getting mass e-mails from this virus going around? it’s so annoying. i’ve gotten at least 8 or 9 e-mails so far.

i can’t fall asleep. i’ve been laying in bed for about 2 hours watching extreme dating and now i’m watching you’ve got mail. this movie pisses me off, but oh well. there isn’t anything else on. i’m gonna grab another lemonade and get comfy. later.

another long day 01.28.04 | 9:53 PM | posted by whit
today went a little better, i suppose. i wasn’t as bored as i have been lately. i still didn’t get to leave, but it’s all good. i woke up and got a few things done around the house, and had my cocoa crispies =) good stuff. i talked to shane before he went to PT and now he’s gone to work. grainger just left and i finished watching finding nemo.

grainger bought some sweet CDs and let me burn them. he got a 3-set of ’80s hair metal songs and then an ’80s power ballads cd. there’s some good stuff on ’em. i’m gonna go by a gas station tomorrow if i can and get some more fuses, since i blew the one in the dashboard in my car, and replace it so i can listen to these whenever i do get to really drive anywhere. i’m wondering if we’ll even have school friday. it’s cancelled, yet again, tomorrow. i guess i should finish up calculus and start reading sons and lovers. i do have a quiz coming up and i most definitely don’t know anything about that book.

i guess it’s gonna be another night sitting on my ass in front of the computer. joy. i’m gonna grab another lemonade and get comfy. i’m not even close to being tired. maybe i’ll reinstall counter-strike. i know i’ve got the CD somewhere…hrm.

holy crap 01.27.04 | 12:24 PM | posted by whit
jesus. opie posted that video and my hits went apeshit. i hope my computer doesn’t melt or anything. haha, aaahhh…

i just woke up. i fell asleep 2 seconds after i got off the phone with shane last night and i never got to actually watch my movie. i got through the commercials, and that’s it. oh well. i got a good 12½ hours of sleep! that’s about the only thing this snow is good for–sleeping in. other than that, i get to sit on my ass all afternoon, and screw around online. grainger came over yesterday and we goofed off in the snow for a while, but that’s the only time i’ve even been out playing in the snow this winter. it kinda bites when you can’t go anywhere… so i’ve just been lazy for the past 3 days or so. at least i’ve caught up on my sleep.

i uploaded pictures from yesterday. grainger and i got a couple good ones. well, at least we thought they were funny. anyway, i’m gonna get some breakfast. later.

<3 01.25.04 | 5:18 PM | posted by whit some of my friends are just too good to me. pam, you are awesome. check this shiz out. snow.. again. 01.25.04 | 11:27 AM | posted by whit i'm starting to hate the snow. it's snowed like 3 times this winter and i haven't even been out playing in any of it, except when i got grainger in the face with a snowball a few weeks back. that's the only snow i've touched. i hate this neighborhood. if i lived in the old neighborhood, i would've woken up at like 7 AM just to get dressed and go outside with 30 other kids and have massive snowball fights and i'd be hanging out with becky and sarah all day. now, it snows, and i get stuck at my house and i get to be bored off my ass all afternoon sitting inside. this bites. i'm kinda hoping school doesn't get cancelled tomorrow. after sitting at home all day today, i'm not gonna wanna do it again tomorrow. make up days suck anyway. pictures from the past 2 days are up in the gallery. finally 01.23.04 | 10:59 AM | posted by whit i am SO glad it's friday. i have this massive pack of crap due today in calculus and then i've got a test in computer science on linked lists and nodes. fun... her tests are always ridiculous. i'll be happy when that clock says 3:05. i think thomas and i are gonna do something tonight, so the rest of you guys, if you're at home, come with. please? grainger, matt, byrd, early, duane, anyone? i haven't seen everyone in a while. i've been at home with my face stuck in textbooks. becky & sarah & rachel & i are also getting together sometime this weekend but i have no clue when or where. it'll probably wind up being my house... and it will be lots of fun. we have much to discuss. :P i am sitting in mrs. taylor's office once again, avoiding whatever is going on in the other room. i'm so bored. i have nothing to do. i could probably be studying. hair cut! 01.21.04 | 10:47 PM | posted by whit today was an alright day. cisco was boring. i understood chemistry. i sat and scanned buttloads of pictures during 3rd period to put on the school website, and still didn't get to finish due to constant interruptions. yuck. we were lectured again in english. i left calculus at 2:00 to go to my dentist appointment, and i think i would've liked staying rather than going to that appointment. i hate the dentist toothbrushes. they're those electric metal ones. they suck. and the toothpaste is all gritty... barf. it never goes away. i had to get x-rays taken after that and they made me take ALL my earrings out. it took forever. i had to unscrew all of them and take them out, and then put them all back in, and i was getting really annoyed by the time she started taking the x-rays. i got to leave after that. my hair appointment was right after the dentist at 3:30 and i was there 'til 5:45. i hate getting my hair cut now. it always takes forever, and i always fall asleep while they're doing it. and then i feel really stupid. but now my hair looks cute and the roots aren't goofy looking anymore... thank god. grainger picked me up and we went to applebees for dinner. that was fun. we ate 'til we couldn't eat anymore... good stuff. i'm gonna miss you, grainger! we came back home and he sat online while i did homework. at least i got it done. and now i'm sitting on my ass, listening to mike garrigan, and missin' my boy. <3 all is well, and i'm happy. i need some sleep. back to school... 01.20.04 | 8:40 AM | posted by whit we just had our first test for the semester, fun! we've got 15 minutes left of class to read, but i doubt anyone in here is gonna be reading anything other than ebaumsworld or somethingawful or albinoblacksheep. after this class, i think i've seen every stupid video ever to be put online. i won't be doing much of anything in any of my classes today... this should be exciting. sweet midgets 01.19.04 | 1:32 PM | posted by whit so grainger stole me a jar of sweet midgets from work... he and shane accuse me of keeping my "secret pickle business" from them. i'm gonna miss that guy when he goes off to the marines. he'll be back, though. grainger, if you don't make it to my graduation, i'm gonna kick your ass. the pickles ended up leaking all over my hoodie, and i smelled like sweet pickles for probably 3 hours. good times. hmm... horoscopes 01.19.04 | 11:21 AM | posted by whit i got this from www.swoon.com. Hypersensitivity and insecurity define you, but if not for them, you wouldn't work nearly so hard to be the mensch that you are. Despite your impeccable intuition and instincts, your fear of failure and rejection thwarts you from setting and achieving goals. Hence the important role that supporters and admirers play in your life. Since you're incorrigibly impressionable to the perceptions of others, seek believers and encouragers. Strong, confident personalities who catch your eye tend to cross your path recurrently. Cultivate relationships with the safest, most emotionally securing of these potential mentors. An assertiveness trainer can show you how to conquer your passive past. A loving relationship is your link to being the best that you can be. Each stride you make will work synergistically with the next because the more secure you become, the less comfort you'll find in melancholy. You may eventually cease to subordinate your own happiness and pleasure to that of others. You'll always run to the rescue of troubled souls. But as you build a nest with someone who soothes your own troubled soul, you'll live less vicariously and ever more vigorously. i couldn't have said it any better. i'm usually not a sucker for horoscopes. it's back 01.18.04 | 1:05 PM | posted by whit the tagboard is up again. if it gets out of hand again, it's coming right back down. holy crap 01.17.04 | 10:12 PM | posted by whit this has been one of the most emotional weeks of my entire life. i lost a good friend, but i know he's around somewhere. he always will be. we partied at his house after the funeral. he would've wanted it that way. then we partied at matt's house nextdoor and it was so great. i was hanging out with everyone i grew up with. it should've done that a long time ago. it felt like i was back at home in the old neighborhood with everyone. they've been my family too. i missed those people. and it felt like being back in the halls of west back in 2002 when all of those guys weren't graduated yet. good times, good times. last night brought back some damn good memories. <3 i went to the volvo place today to get my car fixed. and it still isn't fixed. they replaced the part that my dad ordered, but it didn't do anything. so that means i get to go back to the volvo place. fun stuff. i was supposed to go to charlotte with grainger today. i'm officially an idiot and i slept through my phone alarm and 4 phone calls from grainger trying to wake me up. so he ended up coming over at 4:30 to see what was up. we decided to just go get food and then came back to my house and sat around. fun stuff. grainger, sorry about not waking up =x i felt bad but at least we got to hang out. nothing to do 01.15.04 | 8:10 AM | posted by whit ok... today is going to be incredibly boring. i can already tell. i'm sitting in cisco and i have nothing to do. we have a sub and we're supposed to be reading but no one in this class ever reads 'til we have a review or a test on it. we're not supposed to be screwing around online either so i'm pretending like i'm doing something. as long as it doesn't look like a website or a game then it doesn't really matter what i do. i think i have to go see a movie tonight for english class. we're supposed to write an essay on a movie review so i need to go see a movie that will have a review in a magazine or something since we can't use the internet to find a review. either that or i'll just find a magazine with a review on LOTR. that was a goood movie. i'm meeting ry~ry at 5 at applebees tonight. it's gonna be awesome. we have some crazy memories at that place. we're such tards when we're together. it's great. we're gonna have fun. i have no clue what i'm doing after that. i'll probably have to go home after that to work on calculus and my english essay and my learning log for chemistry. i guess i have yet another exciting night of homework ahead of me. i'm gonna go update a few things, and then i'm gonna sit here and wait until the bell rings. this class is starting to suck worse and worse. i never thought looking at pictures of ugly people online was really that entertaining... but i guess i was wrong. maybe it's just a 16-year-old guy thing. whatever. i'll post later maybe. it's only tuesday 01.13.04 | 6:56 PM | posted by whit alright, i haven't been updating a lot recently, but i don't care. it's only tuesday and i've got so much crap going on, it's ridiculous. a close friend of mine passed away last night and i still don't think it's hit me completely. i've never lost a friend before and i'm not quite sure how to deal with something like this. i've been busy working on my new resume and even more college applications and financial aid stuff. plus, school has come back full blast since christmas break and i've had a ton of things to do for all of my classes. bear with me. i might slack off on the web this semester, 'cause i can't slack off at school. i'm gonna bust my butt this next 18 weeks, or try to at least! thank god for chemistry study sessions. i'm off to talk to shane for a bit and finish up calculus! later. ohh man. 01.11.04 | 11:20 AM | posted by whit so while at school tomorrow and sleeping tomorrow night, my boyfriend is running around in south korea getting chased by these guys with lasers. jesus christ. thank god it's only a 2-day field thing. i just got home from king and i have so much to get done today, it's ridiculous. i gotta work on financial aid papers, get more homework done, call volvo (if they're even open), and then i just gotta clean this room. it's a mess. yuck. sorry so short. i have a lot on my mind right now and i don't feel like spilling it on here. snow day! 01.09.04 | 9:08 AM | posted by whit ahh... today is great. it snowed and it's still snowing, so i don't have school! i'm up early but i'm not tired (for once, finally) and i have the whole day ahead of me. i don't know if i'll be able to do anything, but i like having daylight. i don't like waking up at 2 in the afternoon. it ruins it. i got keith urban playing, and i got my lemonade and my huge, baggy army sweatpants on. i get to talk to shane all morning. today will be a good day. =) mmm... village tavern 01.08.04 | 4:26 PM | posted by whit this is gonna be a short post. i'm about to go to village tavern with my mom and eat dinner =) yay. i haven't been there in a long time. anyway, it should be fun. last night was fun. i was back at scott's with the guys and it felt great. they're my buddies, and i love 'em to death, even though i get the crap beat out of me while i'm doing my homework. i did get all of it done, and even extra stuff that's due next week. it was fun. i need to start doing that more often like i used to. since christmas break i've gotten out of the whole school routine where i'd head to king around 3:45 to hang out with everyone and get my work done like i used to. wejkf;a. that break messed up my whole schedule. i'm still not on normal sleeping behavior yet. i guess that's 'cause i either didn't sleep or i slept 'til 3 just about everyday during that 2 weeks. that would be my fault. =D i'm gonna go grub. i'm starved! weee... finished homework 01.06.04 | 9:43 PM | posted by whit today was yet another boring day. we didn't do anything exciting at school. the guys made fun of me in cisco while i worked on my patch panel, i was totally silent all through chemistry, i sat with ben while i worked on the school site, i was totally silent all through english, i got teased in calculus (but it was still fun), and we got lectured again in computer science, so once again, the class was basically asleep. doesn't that sound awesome? someone could've sneezed and it would have made things more interesting. i was walking to my car after class and this guy comes up to me. this is what happened: guy: do you know my friend jim over there in that truck? he likes you, a lot. me: ...he doesn't know me. guy: well, he saw your hair and said he thought it was love at first sight. *btw, my hair is pink* me: uhh... alrighty then. the kid was nice, but it was strange. they're probably both cool guys, but i've never had someone strike up a conversation like that before. oh well. i came home and sat on the computer for a while and ate dinner. my mom made deviled eggs =O man, they were good. i <3 deviled eggs. anyway, i got my homework done. i was surprised that i finished in about 2 hours. sometime or another i have to go by borders and buy the picture of dorian gray. it's supposed to be a really good book... but it's either that, frankenstein (which i heard wasn't as good as it would seem to be), or wuthering heights. crap, and i forgot about my english essay already. it'll be easy, but this week or weekend i have an essay that i have to start on. it's due monday, but it won't be bad. mine's gonna have something to do with music, and that's all i know. and dangit, i gotta go by the volvo place this week. i want to get this done this week. the part for my dashboard came in (my CD player kept blowing fuses) so i have to go over there and let the guys replace something. yesterday it was rainy and crappy outside so i didn't go. i was already pretty soaked. and today i was so so tired, and i don't know why. i got 10 hours of sleep last night. i just wanted to go home. =\ alright, i'm gonna go. shane's online and only for a short while before he goes back to work. <3 grrr 01.05.04 | 3:40 AM | posted by whit i'm finally sleepy but i still can't sleep. what the crap? let's see if whit can pull another all nighter. it's not like we'll do anything at school tomorrow worth listening to. everyone will be half dead anyway. i think i'm broken 01.04.04 | 4:26 PM | posted by whit somethin' seriously ain't right. for the past week or more i haven't been going to sleep until 5 or 5:30 in the morning. i went to sleep at 2:45 this morning and still managed to sleep until 3 in the afternoon. what the heck is up with that? maybe it's from being sleep deprived for the past 4 years... including summers. i pulled a lot of all nighters. i even pulled a couple during the school year. who knows. i'll never understand my sleeping habits. i'm wondering about putting the tagboard back up. ain't that scary? there are some real dipshits that come to this website, so i'm skeptical. hrm. yesterday started out really crappy, but last night was much needed. i talked to lots of people and just those few conversations put a lot of things in perspective for me. i talked to matt about going to school in florida like i've been wanting to do. he cleared up a lot of questions i had, and it made me feel a lot better. i talked to some people that i hadn't talked to in ages, and seeing how much i've changed in the past 4 years and how much they haven't also made a big impression. let's just say, i'm very grateful that i stopped hanging out with certain people way back in freshman year. i would've ended up completely miserable. some people never change. i have a wicked bad craving for salad, but sadly, i'm still in pajamas, due to the fact that i woke up an hour and a half ago! >:O dammit.

we go back to school tomorrow. wish me luck. i wonder if i’ll have the patience to make it through the whole day. i’m wondering if i’ll get through the rest of this year. i’m gonna go nuts!

new layout 01.03.04 | 7:13 PM | posted by whit
new layout… like it, hate it, i don’t care =D

nothing to do 01.03.04 | 2:41 PM | posted by whit
i hate being lazy. it’s a beautiful day outside, and i’m inside, still in my pajamas. i wanna do something today but i feel and look like shit, so i have no motivation to get up and shower and go somewhere. argh. i think it’s the school feeling setting in again. this bites.

weee, 2004! 01.01.04 | 11:22 PM | posted by whit
happy new year!!! thomas’s party was so much fun last night, with a few minor exceptions. there was lots of drunkenness, but i did a good job of avoiding some of the messier drunks. bleh. this party was a little different feeling… for the first time, it wasn’t a sausage party. there were about 7 girls (out of 30 some people) there total at some point or another, instead of the normal 2.

matt, byrd, landon, thomas, & i went to mi pueblo for lunch this afternoon after most everyone left thomas’s house. we were lazy today, and we sat around back at thomas’s all afternoon/evening watching star wars and cabin fever. it was fun… we finished off the night with mcdonalds. i love these guys. <3 [edit] pictures from the party [/edit]

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