January 2004

pictures 01.31.04 | 1:10 AM | posted by whit
pictures are up from grainger’s going away party tonight. i’m too tired and i have no motivation to post a bunch of crap right now. i’m talking to shane, and going to sleep. goodnight.

virus 01.30.04 | 2:35 AM | posted by whit
so who else is getting mass e-mails from this virus going around? it’s so annoying. i’ve gotten at least 8 or 9 e-mails so far.

i can’t fall asleep. i’ve been laying in bed for about 2 hours watching extreme dating and now i’m watching you’ve got mail. this movie pisses me off, but oh well. there isn’t anything else on. i’m gonna grab another lemonade and get comfy. later.

another long day 01.28.04 | 9:53 PM | posted by whit
today went a little better, i suppose. i wasn’t as bored as i have been lately. i still didn’t get to leave, but it’s all good. i woke up and got a few things done around the house, and had my cocoa crispies =) good stuff. i talked to shane before he went to PT and now he’s gone to work. grainger just left and i finished watching finding nemo.

grainger bought some sweet CDs and let me burn them. he got a 3-set of ’80s hair metal songs and then an ’80s power ballads cd. there’s some good stuff on ’em. i’m gonna go by a gas station tomorrow if i can and get some more fuses, since i blew the one in the dashboard in my car, and replace it so i can listen to these whenever i do get to really drive anywhere. i’m wondering if we’ll even have school friday. it’s cancelled, yet again, tomorrow. i guess i should finish up calculus and start reading sons and lovers. i do have a quiz coming up and i most definitely don’t know anything about that book.

i guess it’s gonna be another night sitting on my ass in front of the computer. joy. i’m gonna grab another lemonade and get comfy. i’m not even close to being tired. maybe i’ll reinstall counter-strike. i know i’ve got the CD somewhere…hrm.

holy crap 01.27.04 | 12:24 PM | posted by whit
jesus. opie posted that video and my hits went apeshit. i hope my computer doesn’t melt or anything. haha, aaahhh…

i just woke up. i fell asleep 2 seconds after i got off the phone with shane last night and i never got to actually watch my movie. i got through the commercials, and that’s it. oh well. i got a good 12½ hours of sleep! that’s about the only thing this snow is good for–sleeping in. other than that, i get to sit on my ass all afternoon, and screw around online. grainger came over yesterday and we goofed off in the snow for a while, but that’s the only time i’ve even been out playing in the snow this winter. it kinda bites when you can’t go anywhere… so i’ve just been lazy for the past 3 days or so. at least i’ve caught up on my sleep.

i uploaded pictures from yesterday. grainger and i got a couple good ones. well, at least we thought they were funny. anyway, i’m gonna get some breakfast. later.

:O dammit.

we go back to school tomorrow. wish me luck. i wonder if i’ll have the patience to make it through the whole day. i’m wondering if i’ll get through the rest of this year. i’m gonna go nuts!

new layout 01.03.04 | 7:13 PM | posted by whit
new layout… like it, hate it, i don’t care =D

nothing to do 01.03.04 | 2:41 PM | posted by whit
i hate being lazy. it’s a beautiful day outside, and i’m inside, still in my pajamas. i wanna do something today but i feel and look like shit, so i have no motivation to get up and shower and go somewhere. argh. i think it’s the school feeling setting in again. this bites.

weee, 2004! 01.01.04 | 11:22 PM | posted by whit
happy new year!!! thomas’s party was so much fun last night, with a few minor exceptions. there was lots of drunkenness, but i did a good job of avoiding some of the messier drunks. bleh. this party was a little different feeling… for the first time, it wasn’t a sausage party. there were about 7 girls (out of 30 some people) there total at some point or another, instead of the normal 2.

matt, byrd, landon, thomas, & i went to mi pueblo for lunch this afternoon after most everyone left thomas’s house. we were lazy today, and we sat around back at thomas’s all afternoon/evening watching star wars and cabin fever. it was fun… we finished off the night with mcdonalds. i love these guys.