October 2003

almost friday… 10.30.03 | 11:14 AM | posted by whit
this week has gone by so fast, and now today is dragging sooo slowly. it’s pissing me off. i don’t have any tests today, which is amazing. but i have to work tonight so that still kinda bites. tomorrow is friday, and halloween! hopefully it’ll be a good day… what a bummer that SATs are saturday. that really screws over my friday night!

i’m gonna go to lunch. i’m getting pictures developed either this afternoon or tomorow afternoon. i’ve got 2 or 3 cameras filled up… this should be good =)

pics are up 10.28.03 | 08:40 PM | posted by whit
heh, the rest of the fair pictures are up. man, that was a fun night. i usually hate scanning pictures but i had to scan these.

school wasn’t too bad today. i understand chemistry now, and i feel fairly good about my calculus test. i at least know i got the big 20 point question right… which is great ’cause i was skeptical about it when i walked out of the room this afternoon. but it’s all good now.

i went to best buy and applebees with scott and thomas tonight… so much fun. thomas’s food was burnt and scott spent $20 and i realized i wasn’t as hungry as i thought i was when i walked in. still had fun though.. i was gonna go back to scott’s, but i figured i’d go home early for a change and spare the gas money.

shane called tonight… always good to hear from him. 15 more days!

i’m gonna go do chemistry homework and then i might get to crash early again tonight.

happy early birthday ry~ry! i <3 you! bah 10.27.03 | 09:24 PM | posted by whit school bites. i hate it with a passion, i don't care if i miss it later, i hate it right now. pictures from the fair back at the beginning of october are gonna be up in a little bit. i have to finish scanning them. and then i'm going to bed... i might get to bed early tonight. later y'all. too early 10.26.03 | 08:36 AM | posted by whit i'm so pissed. i fell asleep really early again last night at scott's and i'm not sure what happened after i did but i'm hoping i don't have any random sharpee tattoos anywhere. matt was next to me and grainger was close when i fell asleep, i think, and there will be hell to pay if they drew anything. grr... so, it's 8 in the frickin' morning and i'm bored out of my mind. matt, duane, grainger, and scott are asleep. i'm not sure who else is here either, 'cause it's completely dark down here and the only light is from this monitor. i almost fell down the stairs after i went up to the bathroom to change clothes.. that could've been bad. anyway, there are new pictures up in the gallery under the whit section and friends section. they're huge, but they're funny as crap. check out some of 'em if you're really that bored. i'm gonna go make a few updates, and then i might go back to sleep. i must be a moron for waking up at 8 on the first and probably only sunday that i haven't had to work... this sucks. another letter 10.25.03 | 06:07 PM | posted by whit i've gotten 5 letters in the past 4 days... this is ridiculous. this is damn awesome. i can't wait 'til the 13th. i just got home from work, and i'm about to head out again. i'm off tomorrow... so excited. i haven't had a sunday off since i started working. i didn't ask for it off either, which is kinda crazy. i'm gonna go write shane & his buddies a few letters... and then i'm gone 'til sunday night! later =) the week is over 10.25.03 | 07:19 AM | posted by whit finally... this week seemed to drag on forever. even though i have to work, at least i don't have to be at school. i got 2 more letters from shane since wednesday. i got a big envelope thursday that had a letter from him, and 3 letters from 3 of his buddies. it was so awesome, they're all really nice and i can't wait to meet everyone when i go to georgia. it's 'bout to be a lotta fun. i got a letter yesterday too and for y'all that know him, he got airborne & ranger slots. that's what he's been wanting to do for years and he finally got it.. good stuff. =) last night i stayed in king.. i got home from school and left a little later to go up to scott's house. scott & his woman went on a date and early & i went out to eat and we all left duane and byrd sittin' at scott's being bums. i was gonna go to zach's mini/not-so-mini LAN but i fell asleep watching some movie w/duane & byrd and only woke up once during the night.. i remember hearing a ton of the guys show up at scott's and i heard "WHITNEY! WHITNEY! wake up! i'm travis! what's up!" i don't know a travis in king, but when i woke up bright & early this morning i learned that some drunk guy named travis who's friends with drew & siner had been trying to wake me up last night... that could explain it. i kinda wish i hadn't fallen asleep... i missed out on seein' a few people. yeah, i definitely woke up at 6:00 on a saturday morning and drove home. i hate working saturdays 'cause i work 9-5, and waking up that early just doesn't put me in the best mood. argh. i'm gonna go put the rest of the pictures i got this week in the gallery. there are some good ones =) 22 more days 10.22.03 | 04:20 PM | posted by whit heh.. i got 2 more letters from shane today. i'm so happy.. he told me sunday on his voicemail that he sent another one, so i figured i'd get 'em today. that made my whole week! this post will be really short. i'm about to drive up to scott's, and i still don't know if i'm going to the ICP/BTIH show. i really want to, but i don't know if i wanna spend the money. oh well =) i'll see how it goes. keep joining the forums! they're growing quickly! <3 the forum is back! 10.21.03 | 11:35 PM | posted by whit short-stack.com forum is up once again! this is what, the 3rd time i've put them up? i like this layout better, but i really am partial to YaBB boards. phpBB kind of bites, but i'll live. it looks cleaner. anyway, go join if you want. this should be interesting. this post is gonna be short. i still have to finish a few things up on the site and clean up around my room and then i'm gonna crash. another night without 4 hours of homework =) this is amazing. i still gotta mod the duct tape wallet grainger made me this afternoon. it's awesome... and if i'm not too sleepy i'm gonna try to write shane again tonight. only 23 more days... whit's gonna be in georgia! =) mmm..dragon tattoo 10.19.03 | 10:47 AM | posted by whit this weekend has been awesome. thursday night was great 'cause i got to go to king, but the thing is, i did homework for about 4 and a half hours while i was there... and then went straight back home. i don't know how i did on my chemistry test, but at the moment, i don't care. i just can't wait until we start a new unit and then it'll be a nice fresh start. i hate that class with a passion. friday pretty much sucked with the exception of everything after school. i was supposed to go to charlotte to the between the buried and me/glass casket show with drew and michael, but plans kind of changed and everyone ended up going to scott's house and we cooked dinner and had a blast. we got a ton of movies but they're on grainger's camera and he hasn't captured them yet. we found out that i fit in a newspaper machine, and we have videos of that too. good stuff =) i woke up bright and early at 6:00 saturday morning to go to work and drove home, and slept until 7:30, and went in around 9. it was a looong day, and since TJ decided to show up late, i didn't get to eat anything 'til about 2:30. but since mike is the frickin' man, he gave me free panera. i met duane, matt, scott, and grainger up at wal-mart after work last night and we found me a camo-fleece jacket... good stuff. i bought 2 disposable cameras since anna still hasn't decided to give my digital camera back. i'm not very happy about that either. oh well. at least i get normal exposures instead of them all being online. we went to the mall after that. i bought some new earrings which were damn near impossible to put in. grainger and matt had to make a group effort to get them closed. i ended up buying a new cable splitter too, since mine's fried. i hope this one works... or else it's back to radio shack. bleh. chilis was pretty fun last night. we got some good pictures there, and a movie. some of the pictures in that folder are from when matt was goofing around with his new camera in my car on the way back to scott's house, so they're kind of random. it's all good. once we got back, matt started on my wicked sharpee tattoo. it's too awesome. this guy can draw like no other. it's still there, and i've got a feeling it'll be there for a while :) i gotta go shower & get ready for work. i'll post later! i wanna go home 10.16.03 | 11:12 AM | posted by whit i wish i could leave... right now. school is about to make me go psycho. i wish i could drop ap chemistry, because that class is a waste of my time... but since the graduation requirements are ridiculous, they require that i have 4 sciences during highschool. i had highschool sciences in middle school... i've got 5 science credits. why should i have to suffer through this damn course? grrr... i don't need, or want, a 6th one. i'm sitting in mrs. taylor's office again, and i've got nothing else to update. so, to keep me from going insane sitting in a room full of freshmen and sophomores, i'm gonna try & block that out and mess with the site. i've been adding new pictures and videos from this summer and up 'til this past weekend. the ones i've got are up in the gallery right now... and there will be more later once i get them off the CD grainger gave me. i've only got about 8 minutes 'til the bell rings, so i'm gonna go. i get to go study... again. later. nice long weekend 10.14.03 | 11:27 PM | posted by whit man... this weekend was much needed. i woke up at scott's around 11 monday morning... it was great sleeping in a lil' bit. although, we had caught a snake the night before, and put it in a box, and when we woke up, it was gone. so i hope no one gets bit if it ends up not being a corn snake. we were all a bit worried about that. everyone gets bit by something at some point or another in scott's basement. it's kinda crazy. anyway, i changed clothes and me and matt and grainger went to wendy's to get some grub. we headed up to pilot mountain after that =) heh, it was awesome. that was some of the most fun i've had in a while. we were climbing all over all afternoon... i had never actually been up on the mountain and i was goin' crazy. although, running down the mountain wasn't exactly a good idea, 'cause we went so far and i nearly had an asthma attack on the way back. i forgot my inhaler and yeah... it wasn't pretty. i know, i'm smart. regardless, the trip was a blast. good times, good times ;) we went to the dairi-o and played DDR and air hockey for a little while, and got ice cream. matt let me drive his truck =) heh, i drove it to thomas's... i've wanted a truck for forever, and driving another one just made me want one even more. =( i think i'm gonna crash soon, so i'm gonna go work on a few things around the site. i put up more pics and videos from this summer in the gallery, too. night.

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