Home :)

adam got here last night around midnight. his phone died on the way back from arkansas so i was starting to get nervous that he might not have anticipated the snow and ice on the way up the mountain and was hoping he wasn’t in a ditch somewhere. thank god.

poor guy got here and he was frozen solid. he couldn’t use the heat in his truck because every time he did, his windows fogged up instantly and he couldn’t see. so he froze himself out the whole way, basically. also, his buddy told him that I-40 runs through boone, and that is WRONG. I-40 goes through asheville which is, ohh, about 2 and a half hours southwest of boone. so adam had a little road trip through the [other] hippie town. fun times.

his hair got long (meaning his head isn’t shaved anymore) and he lost weight and it almost feels like seeing him after deployment when we have to get used to being with each other again. it was cute. he got me a sweet sniper t-shirt that will now be used for pajamas or possibly a dress since it comes down to my shins.

i made him kielbasa and velveeta shells and cheese because i figured he’d be hungry when he got here. unfortunately, loki got to it before he did. so he got about 2 pounds of food instead of 3. damn dog.