Happy [Late] Turkey Day!

we got to onancock around 9 wednesday night. after a 5-hour energy shot, hardees, and chocolate as fuel for the ride, we were ready to get to the house.

it was a nice drive despite being dark for most of it. it was a lot easier this time having some idea of where we were going and anticipating the $12 toll fee instead of it being a surprise again. i planned ahead and brought cash because i’m a smart cookie. i also anticipated that adam would not remember and would not bring cash. i should be a fortune teller or a mind reader or something!! :wink:

we stayed up for a while after we got to the house. his family is big on wine so they were up for a while talking with everyone which was nice. sleeping in isn’t so easy here, though. adam’s little brother just turned 5 and his cousin turned 5 and his other cousin is probably 2-ish. i’m not really sure. anyway, between the three of them, it’s a whirlwind of legos and baby toys and screaming and tiny feet stomping so it starts bright and early around 6 and doesn’t stop until well past sundown.

thanksgiving was awesome. adam’s family had deep fried turkey, roast turkey, caramelized green beans and chestnuts, stuffing with sausage and apricots, mashed taters and gravy, wild rice with mushrooms, and baked beets/turnips/parsnips/sweet potatoes, and rolls. different but delicious. i think there were like 8 pies, a ton of cookies, and a 7-layer chocolate cake. i think i ate my weight in food last night at dinner, plus 2 glasses of wine and a glass of champagne. they broke out the dessert during the football game and it took me less than a minute to scarf down a big slice of apple pie and chocolate cake. couple that with the donut and giant slice of apple pie i had for breakfast this morning afternoon and i have eaten a week’s worth of food in about 2 days.

i learned a few things during this trip. one is that i definitely want to live in the country where there are few enough lights to see all the stars. i almost wrecked driving around the back roads last night (adam had a nic fit and had to be rescued by a can of cope) trying to see the stars out the window. another is that i LOVE living by the water with so much wildlife around. there are deer that just wander into the driveway; however, if adam and the rest of the boys keep firing rifles off the back deck i don’t think they’ll stick around. there are great blue herons everywhere, too. finally, i saw my first watermelon “farm” and soybean “farm”. and i mean i freaked OUT when i realized that huge field full of lumps wasn’t just lumps and was in fact hundreds upon hundreds of watermelons. i’m going to grow a garden when i get my own place. maybe not watermelons… i think i’ll start out smaller.

anyway, i’m hungry again and there are guns going off and little feet running that might trip over my power cord any minute so i am going to avoid any laptop breakage. i hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving. :happy: