3 Years...

Me & Adamtoday is our 3-year anniversary. :lovestruck: i can’t believe it. the past few months have been especially fantastic for adam and i. he got to do something he’s wanted to do since he was little–go to sniper school. i talked to him yesterday after he finished his exam and he PASSED! i’m dating a gorgeous sniper. how lucky can a girl get?! i’m so proud of him. and i got my first real job offer, have had an amazing series of interviews over the past month and a half or so (and have gotten valuable experience out of all of them), and got my first IT certification. speaking of interviews, the virginia trip went really well… crossing my fingers for an offer.

it’s been a really, really bumpy 3 years and i almost think his deployments saved our relationship. not that i wanted him to get deployed (i most certainly did NOT), but i think the time apart let us appreciate our relationship and each other a lot more. there was a period of about a year and a half where i was not emotionally stable enough to handle a relationship to that degree (or my own life, for that matter), and the distance evened it out a bit, i think.

i have never felt more confident in us than i do now. it’s a good feeling. :cute: i can’t wait ’til he gets here on saturday and i’m especially excited about the trip to virginia with him for thanksgiving break.

i can’t believe i’m graduating in 6 months. o_0 i still don’t think i’m ready, but i do know now that i have opportunities ahead of me that will set me up to be successful in life. i have never had such a comforting feeling knowing that i am able to get a job with a salary and stability… that is so satisfying.

i honestly think the hardest part of the next 6 months, though, will be saying bye to my friends graduating THIS semester. most of the guys in AITP and my security class that i’ve grown to be such close friends with… they’ve become like big brothers to me. they take really good care of me, watch out for me, help me out when i need it, i help them out when they need it. :depressed: i’m going to miss that so much. i really hope people don’t wander too far away. i know a lot of them will be in the charlotte or raleigh area, so that’s a little better. i just get so emotionally attached to people and i know i’m gonna cry like a baby when it comes down to them leaving.

just gotta savor the next 3 weeks. tomorrow a bunch of us are going to cisco for AITP and 2 weeks from now we’re having casino night and a senior night for all of us seniors. i refuse to have any regrets when i get out of college. i wasted enough time being miserable sophomore and junior year and now’s my only chance to make up for it. boone definitely won’t be the same when i come to visit after i graduate.