Zazzle Lets You Go Too Far

i’ve needed new business cards for a while. i forget what website i was on the other day, but it popped up a advertisement saying, HEY you should make these cards and get a discount through us. so i checked out moo.

long story short, i didn’t use moo. for a couple reasons. mostly preference.

  • you can’t put an image on either side of the card. cookie cutter text on 1, image on the other.
  • they only have like 8 fonts. boo.

anyway, i decided to use zazzle. i’ve made stickers on zazzle twice now, and i’ve been pleased with the print quality, and the fact that they never disintegrated and looked like crap on my car.

i made mini business cards on their “indestructible” paper. 5 packs of 20 for ~$6 each.

[![Front](/content/images/2011/05/front.png "Front")](/content/images/2011/05/front.png)[![Front](/content/images/2011/05/back.png "Front")](/content/images/2011/05/back.png)
of course, the zazzle logo won’t be on the actual prints.

then i got sidetracked thinking… what else could i make while i’m making things?

well… turns out, you can create your own freaking shoes on zazzle. though, they’re not very pretty. keds are only so stylish, you know. i did have a few pairs of shiny plastic keds when i was in middle school. but, basically, i would not wear keds to work.

and these are $60 custom keds. the keds i remember cost like $12 at walmart. you could buy white ones and color them with magic markers if you wanted “custom”.

i was still intrigued, however. converse lets you do something similar on their website, so i thought it would be fun.

i have created (what i know to be) the world’s first budweiser keds. CHECK THESE BABIES OOOUT.

[![Shoes](/content/images/2011/05/shoes.png "Shoes")](/content/images/2011/05/shoes.png)
they would, at the very least, be good conversation starters.