Best Sick Day Ever

if you have a low tolerance for romance, then you might want to skip this post.

i used to have a low tolerance, until i met brett. then i quickly realized how nice it is to be spoiled by a man sometimes. truly spoiled.

i found this picture, FINALLY. finally. i have been searching for it for 2 years, because somehow between reformats it got lost. it wasn’t on twitter or twitpic or facebook. and i KNEW i had published it online at some point. it’s been driving me freaking crazy. i was going through my old tumblr crap today and it popped up. i am so happy to have found it.

ok, so, back story.

i was really really sick one week/weekend in march 2009. it was my last semester of college. i had a senior project i was working on, and i specifically remember that i coded the entire thing (it ended up being a full CMS when i got finished) while i was sick this particular weekend.

i met brett in january 2009. we became very close very quickly. it was just one of those things. i think my family knew i was in love with him before i did. anyway, this particular weekend, i refused to hang out with him. mostly because i hadn’t showered in like 3 days, hadn’t left my bed, couldn’t breathe, or even really sleep i was so miserable. i told him not to visit me because i didn’t want him to see me in all my glory.

he called me. i was in bed, totally groggy. my gut reaction was OH MY GOD WHY ARE YOU CALLING you can’t see me like this! he was all chill out, just look out on your porch. it took a bit of coaxing before i realized he really had left something on my porch and wasn’t actually standing out there.

low and behold, there was a bag outside my front door. he had gone to the store and bought me a chocolate rabbit, a pinkish-purplish rose (i have it pressed in a frame, i save every rose or at least one rose from every other bouquet he’s given me), and brought me a season of seinfeld from his roommate’s DVD collection. he wrote a little note in the bag (can’t find the note either, 99.9% sure it was in the wallet i had that i threw away when i bought a new wallet, still kicking myself) that assured me that this was only a “friendly” gift and not to feel weird about it. hilarious.

i teared up the second i read it, because i knew the note was bullshit. we were both smitten. it was awesome.

i am so glad i found this picture. :)

[![flat rabbit](/content/images/2011/05/flatrabbitrose033009.jpg "flat rabbit")](/content/images/2011/05/flatrabbitrose033009.jpg)