i didn’t even have class today and it was still a long day. :satisfied: i hate days like that.

jill and i met up with ry~ry, dale, and some guy who lives in my building and i don’t know his name. we all ate lunch together which was nice. jill and i hit up king street after that so i got another piercing and finally found some baggy, comfy pants that fit me the way i like them. good stuff. i spent the remainder of the afternoon at work and making dorm runs with dale. they’re really not as bad as i expected. the only one that sucked was the last one i did and it was for a girl in my building and i wasn’t even scheduled to help her. so exciting. it took me an hour and a half and she’s still not finished. how do people do these things?

tonight will be the first time i’ve stayed in my dorm in over a month. i don’t like it, but i suppose i have to get over it because TWR i have 8 AM classes. barf. :angry:

i’m off to fix my planner and get my stuff ready for tomorrow. i hope my professors don’t suck and i hope to god none of them are total assholes. it’s gonna be hard to beat last semester’s setup. god, it was so nice.