Grainger Left Us

he done got up and went to california. that bastard. :crying: i’m gonna miss my best friend. who will go eat mexican with me every single day when i’m home? who will i plot my evil deeds with? who will buy cheap shoes with me at walmart? who am i gonna give tittie twisters to? who am i going to thump in the forehead? who’s gonna go to the shows with me? you get your ass back here by september, dipshit. or else. in all seriousness, i’m gonna miss you. be careful. everyone back here at home misses you and we all love you!

today was my first day of classes for the new semester… and they went great. it’s gonna be a fun rest of the year. the day got crappy for a little while and then it got unbelievably awesome. daniel and i needed to get out and clear our heads and relax so we went to backyard burger and then to the playground down the street in the middle of nowhere and swung on the swings for nearly an hour and just talked and did nothing. it was great and i loved every second of it.

another good thing about today was i got paid. :) twice. gotta love random checks in the mail from months ago that you forgot you were going to get. :biggrin:

tomorrow is another 8AM class… graphic communications! :wassat: i actually liked getting up early today, which is weird because i couldn’t fall asleep until 3AM this morning. i took pictures of the sunrise and i got a couple pictures of mike and chris when we were walking back to cannon so i could fix mike’s computer after dinner this evening. fun times, fun times.

i’m high on life right now. tomorrow is also breakfast with daniel, a trip to the bookstore, work, and maybe even the humane society before heading to the highlands. :cool:

time for bed. goodnight!