Yer Just a Hooomeeewrecker ;)

i’m finally in winston! i didn’t accomplish much this week but i did get a lot done on The Influence’s website and put in some good hours. i love my job. it makes me smile and everyone there is awesome. even with all the hell they give me, it’s definitely home to me. thanks, everyone & james, for a great day.

james gave me a lift home after my classes and i finally paid my power bill. today was the last day to do it and i got there all of 3 minutes before the place closed. damn, i’m good. so that’s off my chest. i hate having crap hanging over my head. i went back to my apt, packed, and got all my stuff for the ball ready… :biggrin: i’ve got butterflies.

so now i’m home. my mom ordered us a pizza and we sat in bed and watched home improvement and everybody loves raymond. it was awesome. i ordered the other half of adam’s valentine’s day present. i’ll reveal what it is after tomorrow… i’m totally stoked about it too. it’s gonna be fun as hell for both of us!!

i get to wake up bright and early tomorrow morning. i’m headed to get my nails done and pick up adam’s present and then i’m getting my hair cut/colored/highlighted at 11. it should be done around 2ish and then i’m off to fayetteville! adam got a hotel right across the street from the place the ball is being held so we don’t have to worry about finding a ride or anything and it’s gonna be awesome! my dress is gonna be bangin! hahaha! …..yes, i said bangin. collin used to say it all the time and i always wanted to. can you tell i’m excited? yeah. just a little.

ok… gonna go play snood. pics will DEFINITELY be up after this weekend!

PS: look at my cute little ewok!!!