Great Weekend :)

this weekend, although seemingly short since i only stayed like a day in fayetteville, has been great. adam gave me the other half of my valentine’s present, an irish claddagh ring. i’m gonna get it sized correctly when i get back to boone i love it!! i got my hair cut/colored/highlighted and my nails done and managed to not break my ankles in the heels i wore. the guys brought moonshine, adam bought me wild turkey, and there were beers all around. we had rice, corn, chicken, roast beef, potato stuff, salad, and bread. and of course, wine. there was lots of crazy music including michael jackson, eric clapton, a weird mix of rap, elvis, and other stuff. i managed to somehow swing my purse and nail myself in the eye with the metal clasp on it and i couldn’t see for about 10 minutes and it hurt like a sonofabiatch. it wouldn’t stop watering and screwed up my makeup and eyeliner is a bitch to reapply when you’re super drunk, trying to balance the heels, and trying not to poke yourself in the eye AGAIN. ugh. i had adam’s drunkass standing in front of me swaggering back and forth saying “are you okay? do you want another beer?” no, i don’t! i want you to make it stop hurting. j/k, adam… j/k. it was funny. and he did the weirdest dances i’ve ever seen. we all rode to the hotel in a huge van. i changed and got all cleaned up only to find out that the bar that everyone went to was 21+. gay. so…adam and i just ordered pizza and wings and hung out at the hotel and watched family guy. i got pictures but i have to upload them when i’m in boone.

next saturday is the present i got for ADAM for valentine’s… and that’s MONSTER JAMS in raleigh!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i’m stoked. i think i may be more excited than he is. it’s gonna be awesome.