i got to make boxes and folders and packets and all sorts of cool goodies today!!! and boy, i do hate papercuts. the boxes i had to make are unfolded when they come in so i have to fold them up, put them together, and put velcro stickies on them. well, after my scavenger hunt all over reynolda to find the velcro stickies, the entire roll fell apart so i had to sit here and roll several billion feet of velcro back together. then, since it’s BOTH sides of the velcro on 2 different rolls, they all got stuck together and tangled on me and stuck on my clothes so it was this huge damn attack of velcro stickies and i wanted to cry. all the while, one of the ladies i share an office with was sitting here laughing at me. everyone else was minding their own business while i muttered all sorts of ugly words and grumbled and attempted to save myself from the huge mess i made.

since my day was already going oh so well, jill and patrick bailed on me for lunch so i went by myself on lunchbreak. i went over to coppola’s but as soon as i walked in i was hit by the biggest wall of people noise ever and realized that everyone in the city decided to go there for lunch, so i decided i didn’t want to sit all by my lonesome in a crowded room of weird loud strangers. i went to tequila again (3rd time this week) and ate by my lonesome in a half crowded room of weird quiet strangers who gave me funny looks. i wanted to fling refried beans at them and the only thing stopping me was the fact that i was hungry as hell and i am way too greedy to waste them on some large woman’s face. she’d probably eat it too.

anywho, now i’m sitting at work doing absolutely nothing. i was just informed that i get to drive to office depot tomorrow to get “supplies” for tomorrow’s exciting tasks. aka, making 50 more folders of the crap i put together today. at least i get to get up and go somewhere. i’ll feel important with a wake forest bank card. :cool: this could get dangerous… mwahahaha.

OOH! and my super awesome co-workers are taking me to lunch for my last day. can we say.. TWIN CITY CHOP HOUSE MOFOS!! i’m excited.

my mom is having some grad. students come over this afternoon to watch the muppets with her. my mom… and students. they’re her new buddies. for some reason, i feel like i’ll be the parent this evening. i’ll be packing up my room to get ready for the move and they’ll be in front of the TV with junk food giggling at kermit the frog. so strange.

46 more minutes… thank you jesus.