Craving Fulfilled

so yesterday i got home from work and had the world’s WORST craving for fried chicken, mashed ‘taters w/gravy, & green beans. ohhh… this is the bad one too because the cravings for southern cooking just do not go away. i convinced ben to go with me to K&W (yes, thomASS, kanes & walkers) and we ate like kings. :cool: i had all of the above, plus watermelon and chocolate cream pie. i ended up splashing watermelon all over myself and the table and somehow got chocolate cream pie on both of my elbows. i now know for a FACT that i can’t lick my elbows. i also now know that when people tell you to try to lick your elbows, they’re not doing it because they think you’re some super freak that can actually do it, they just want you to look like a mildly retarded, sad, messy human being who thinks they can accomplish such a task. i’m pretty sure i looked like a stoned kid with wicked munchies throughout dinner. i couldn’t keep the food on the plate or in my mouth if i tried. i giggled non stop for an hour due to the fact that ben is an ass and continued to make fun and crack jokes without any mercy for me who had a mouthfull of food that needed to be swallowed before i choked to death. my stomach hurt more from laughing than it did from eating so damn much.

we left K&W finally and went to liz’s to hang out with her, josh, rodda, sarah, some other sara, and a douchebag named adam. by the end of the night, we all wanted to murder the douchebag and i had successfully given him the worst tittie twisters of all time. that’ll learn him not to touch me ever again, and not to THINK about stealing my fries! if i hadn’t been drunk, he would’ve been in a lot more pain. :biggrin: pictures will be up when i get the rest of them from sarah.

i’m so excited about tonight. jill and i are leaving work around 4 and heading to my house, getting dressed/ready to go, and meeting james at hooters around 7. then… it’s to amos’ southend for BRET MICHAELS!!! second time seeing him and i’m stoked. the first concert he was sick and still performed… i can’t imagine how this one will turn out!