i’m almost not sick anymore. my voice is pretty much back, my throat isn’t feeling all too bad, i can breathe for the most part with the exception of the animal allergies from being at home, and i’m feeling decent. i haven’t taken sudafed today yet either so i’m hoping this is the tail end of it. i’m sick of being sick. ewww!

and wednesday was officially my last day of my semester! no more annoying classes until january 9th and ohhh boy i am happy to say that. i need this month to relax and enjoy the holiday and quit stressing about stupid stuff. i’m almost done with christmas shopping, too. i have to go to boone and pick up the stuff that i ordered that didn’t come before i left. kind of annoying, i should’ve got it delivered here, but then my mom probably would’ve looked at her presents. i have to go get my dad’s and christine’s stuff today, and the last part of adam’s, and jill’s. i might have to do some of that next week, but we’ll see.

last night we hung out at liz’s again. it was me, liz, sarah, ben, rodda, jenna, and liz’s friend mike. ben brought his dog and sarah brought hers and little nathan was running all over the place being a goofball and it was one big happy family. we played drinking games and i ended up drunk by 8:30. most of them have to get up early for work so i guess they just start super early and it all works out. anyway, it didn’t work out for me because i was incoherent before we started PLAYING the drinking games. i lost an earring and it was my dilemma for the whole night to find that damn thing and ben walked outside and just picked it up. i don’t know how i lost it outside because all i did was get out of the car. i figured i lost it throwing nathan around. that kid is absolutely awesome and i really want to steal him from liz. i asked him if he wanted to come to boone with me and he said yes… so that doesn’t count as child abduction, right? i don’t know.

i’m gonna go shower and stuff. i have to go to the bank and maybe the mall. i’m not looking forward to the billions of people, though. yikes. this could be nasty. wish me luck so i don’t get stepped on in the mad rush.