so we beat furman on saturday which means… ASU will be playing in chattanooga this weekend against northern iowa and we are gonna DESTROY them ’cause it’s been a while since we made it this far. adam sandler can eat his words because appalachian is comin’ back… i think i might go to the game, too. pretty exciting!

this weekend was absolutely awesome. friday night i stayed over at highland’s with everyone. we played asshole and some other drinking game and watched TV and got rowdy and ohhh man it was a great night. i love my friends. i drove james to get me a 6 pack of budweiser before i went over to their apartment and let’s just say that 6 pack got gone. will drank one of them ’cause i didn’t want to get sick, so 2 of them got funneled and the rest got downed in drinking games and other than that, i don’t THINK i drank anything else but the end of the night is a little foggy. i do remember carrie and brittany trying to teach me to crypt walk (i looked like a damned moron) and that was fun. i drunk dialed adam (sorrryyy :biggrin:) and i think he’s the only person. i woke up feeling groggy, my throat was scratchy and my voice sounded funny so i slept it off (meaning i slept ’til 4 PM) and felt fine.

ry~ry and katie and everyone from church went to applebee’s so i joined them all and i think they gave me like 12 french fries. i was pissed. our waitress was so weird. anyhow, it was nice seeing all them again. :smile:

i drove home and no one was really partying yet and i was bored and adam and i were talking online so we got the bright idea that i should go to fort bragg for the night. seeing as how there was nothing on my agenda for the evening, i did! and it was great. i didn’t get lost this time cause i took 421 practically all the way and then 87 got me right to the gates. we drank a few yuenglings, popped popcorn, and watched LOTR all night. i got to see scott again too and got a very brief tour of base, haha, in the dark. oh well. it was fun and well worth the 400 miles. we also watched legends of the fall, although depressing, it was a really good movie. geeez i can’t wait til christmas break when i get to see everyone at once. this is gonna be so much fun.

i stayed at home last night in winston instead of driving all the way to boone. mom got me pizza hut and i studied some and watched the family guy movie and went to bed around 11. i had to wake up bright and early at 6:30 to make sure i got to my econ. exam this morning at 9. i got there at 9:05 (i even parked on king st. knowing that i’d probably get another ticket) ’cause i was in a hurry and it was snowing and cold and i was not in the proper attire at ALL. i finished my exam in 40 minutes (new record, i hope it’s a good sign) and left.

now i’m at my apartment and i desperately want some mashed taters so. so… i think i’m gonna bundle up and make a wal-mart run for some decongestants and milk. and orange juice, that stuff works wonders. maybe even hot cocoa… :biggrin: