the past 2 weeks and yesterday especially have managed to be the weirdest, most bizarre, effed up days of my entire life. i have never had so much random crazy shit happen to me in such a short period of time (not that i can remember, anyway) and i’ve been having a blast, but man… i need a break from all this. maybe when i start working i’ll get into a bit of a routine to calm things down a bit.

i’m in raleigh right now at my grandparent’s for mother’s day and they’re all out on the porch talking and i am so tired and just want to go to sleep. we partied at drew’s last night after an even crazier day so i was exhausted by the time i started drinking. i tried to pass out there but i ended up sobering up and driving home at 5AM because it was a little weird being there with everything that was going on. waking up bright and early at 9 was not fun.

goodness… i want to curl up and watch a movie.