Happiness is Bubblegum & FlipFlops

mom, thank you for my green apple gum and green flip flops. :biggrin: this rocks. now i have squishy lime green flip flops to match my lime green short stack shirt that i made in lab. i should make all my clothes and color coordinate all of them from now on… :crazy:

i spent all morning ripping apart patch panels and re-numbering all the cat-5 cables for the office we worked on today. that was actually a lot of fun. i like doing constructive things like that and it sure beats a desk job… and being a cablemonkey for a few hours a day would kick ass. then i got treated to lunch… i could get used to this!! rob & tony & wes, if you guys read this, thank you so much! i had a blast.

i went to my interview at wake forest and i think i pretty much bagged it. i have a drug test on monday and then it’s off to work i go! i’ll probably be working 8:30-5 monday-friday which doesn’t leave much time for ARX or for the waitress job but we’ll see what happens. i like money too much to pass all of them up, and this morning was way too fun. :cool:

shower time, and then party time. yeeeeeeahhhh!