ever feel awkward eating in a cafeteria by yourself? yeeeep. that was me today. no one from bowie was eating when i was so i walked to trivette to get some grub and i definitely felt retarded sitting there by myself reading theatre notes. i felt better when a few friends came and said hey to me, which was nice. they probably felt sorry for me… HA! :wink:

class went by sooo slowly today. i really need to get used to my hour and 15 minute long classes. the 50 minute ones spoil me! the theatre test went well, i think. i hope. i sat in raley for a while after classes were over to say hey and to kill some time before i left again.

daniel picked me up and we hung out at highlands for a while with his roomies and a couple friends. canteloupe and firecrackers… doesn’t get better! we had a homecooked meal of stuffed peppers (you guys rock for that) and then we headed out to the stockyard for the bull riding. somewhere between 4 and 5 seconds, he got thrown off… :wassat: got it on video too. i don’t think i’d have the guts to do that. they’re trying to convince me to ride a cow next week… imagine that. i do believe i’d be scared shitless. we’ll see what happens.

i need to go to sleep. i’m exhausted and today was a long and eventful day. morning classes are going to be hard to get through tomorrow… maybe i’ll wake up by the time i get to work. at least i can look forward to becky and sarah coming to visit! i’m so excited!!! this weekend better kick major ass. goodnight everyone!