i can never decide whether i want to use this stupid cutenews or not. it’s so annoying, but it makes it much more convenient to post from other locations and i don’t have to copy and paste everything in notepad and i can have smilies and thomas was griping about there not being anywhere to post comments so of course we can’t have that. good lord. annoying!

i have been awake since 8 AM. why? i do not know. :wassat: i don’t have class until, ohhh…. say 2 o’clock! i’m an idiot. i think it’s because i went to bed at 1AM instead of around 4, which was very nice, but i don’t like waking up early when i have absolutely nothing to do. :biggrin: laying back down and trying to fall asleep doesn’t work.

i don’t feel good for some reason today. like sickly not good or something. my stomach is killing me. :crazy: i guess i’ll go study again… what a loser.