Who Stole My Camera?!!

brett and i went to the wing street cafe in mount pleasant on saturday after pumpkin picking to watch the ASU vs Wofford game. this is the last time i had my camera and i’m pretty positive that’s where it got stolen.

we got wings and i got a beer and we looked through the pictures from pumpkin picking and watched the game and ate our wings and i drank my beer. and we left. and somewhere between all that and leaving, the camera did not make it back in my purse. i don’t know how this happened. i’ve been 100x more careful with this camera because i freaking LOVE it.

so as soon as we got home from the restaurant (there were no stops in between, just a 20 mile drive), i went to upload the pictures. the camera was nowhere to be found. i panicked. i called wing street and asked them to search the booth and surrounding booths and the floor for my camera. NOTHING.

i had little faith in the girl on the phone who claimed to have searched the area for my beloved camera so i immediately drove the 20 miles BACK to the restaurant… and… nothing.

honestly, i think i was more upset about losing the pictures that were on the camera than losing the camera itself. i’m pissed off. people suck. a lot.