What Can I Say, I'm Cheap

i got all excited yesterday thinking i was going to buy the silk spectre costume for halloween, despite its $60 (+ shipping) price tag. i slept on it, and decided against it.

i just forked out $140 for flu meds and a new inhaler, i shopped over the weekend with my stepmom, and i have a dentist appointment coming up in 2 weeks to get fillings. then, of course, there’s christmas, and vegas is ~2 months away. i do not need to blow $80 on a halloween costume that may or may not fit correctly and will only be worn 1 day out of the year. i have to be good. :mad: this is me actively talking myself out of submitting my credit card number on that website.

i originally wanted to be a ladybug (i love ladybugs!!!1)… it’s just that when i saw the silk spectre costume, my mind went all OOOH and the ladybug thing kind of flew out the window. but i have a cute top, skirt, and boots at home to wear. i found fishnet stockings and lacy, red and black bloomers at hot topic. i just need some antennae and black wings.

this also gives me an excuse to go to party city and play with crafts when i get off work. :lovestruck:

when i get the costume together, i will have to take pictures with my IPHONE because some LOSER stole my real camera. UUUGH!!