What A Night

well, yesterday was certainly an eventful day… where do i begin?

i finally got my lazy ass out of bed at noon and took a shower at like 2. i went to wal-mart AGAIN to get groceries to make deviled eggs and cheesecake because ben was supposed to come up to boone but since the focker’s tattoo took longer than expected he stood me up. :wink: j/k bennie, i see how it is. dale and striebich hung out at my place for a hell of a long time yesterday while i cooked and they put together their new lava lamp and watched TV and took over my bed. it was good hanging out with them again ’cause it hasn’t happened as often as it should lately. their new place is within walking distance so after today i’ll have even more cool neighbors! dale’s RA from last year came over too and we ordered papa john’s (this across the street thing is pretty sweet) and took it easy the rest of the afternoon and watched the rain. so relaxing. :smile:

jess, jo, adam, and jess’s roomie showed up to pick up dale so my apartment was hoppin’ for all of 10 minutes. i didn’t expect everyone to show up but it was good seeing them again! i got dressed and ready to go out again since i was sick of being stuck inside all day. i went and visited sterka and daniel at their new place. it was weird being there because last time i hung out at that house, it was my friend robby living there last summer during freshman orientation week and i was drinking with them and didn’t even know daniel or any of them. jarred called me to come party with him and pat and kirk (guys from 5th floor bowie last year, i missed them!!) and come to find out, he was calling me from the house riiight next to the one i was in. yes, the guys i was closest with in bowie last year live right next to my ex and 2 friends. that was a little weird. but… daniel invited them all in so i was in one of the most awkward situations i’ve been in in a while. i left about 10 minutes later.

i went to clay’s to hang out with him and his roomies ’cause i hadn’t seen him in for-ev-er. we played rummy and spades for a while and then i went and got my wild turkey and brought them some cheesecake and we had ourselves a good ol’ time. wild turkey and red bull is my new favorite drink and i found out that chocolate milk makes a good chaser as disgusting as that sounds. :crazy:

at least i was up before noon today. that’s an improvement. but it’s noon now and i’ve accomplished nothing! oh well. i’ll go to work tomorrow. :smile: i miss my second home at raley!