man, i missed boone. i have successfully partied like crazy for 5 nights straight now. good god… it’s been a blast. i’ve seen SOO many people from all over the place that i haven’t seen in ages and it feels great to be back here. i have a bunch of pictures that i semi-remember taking and they’re all mixed up and since the date is wrong on ALL of them, it’s gonna be hard to tell what’s what. but i’ll figure it out. anywho, i gotta eat breakfast. i just got home and it’s 2:30 in the afternoon. i need a shower, then i need to go to the post office and river street, and i need to go find ry~ry, and brandi is wanting to watch movies at her place at 7 or 8, and then wright wants to watch the family guy movie since we only got through kung fu hustle last night before we were all wasted. sigh :wink: good times, good times.