What A Day

god, i’m tired. it was a good but long day. i got to make up my art exam, understood econ. (that teacher is about as clear as mud), had lunch with 2 of my favorites (ry~ry & bryant, of course), didn’t have a quiz in lit. for once, worked ’til 4, and came home. since puhlman is coming up to visit on his way to ohio this weekend i went on a cleaning frenzy and cleaned/scrubbed/vacuumed/dusted EVERYTHING in this apartment. it’s a very warm, fuzzy feeling… :smile: i’m an idiot, i know. but i’m happy i got it done. it had been bugging me for a while. i cooked dinner tonight and decided to be creative since i never buy hamburger buns. if you’ll look at the webcam, there is a demonstration of the proper way to make a hamburger BAGEL. yes, bagel. it was good, but really damn weird. i managed to spill it all over the place too. if it had gone on the carpet i think i would’ve cried.

i’m finally getting more savvy with my linux distro. last year, brent helped me put slackware on it and i have recently been using it a lot more. i’m pretty proud of myself because so far i’ve only had to ask like 2 questions and the rest of it i’ve gotten on my own. jesus, i sound like a nerd. i suppose it will pay off in the long run if i get this stuff straight early on.

i think i screwed up my back again this afternoon. it was never right because of gymnastics but i think i twisted it wrong today and it sure as hell doesn’t feel good.

i really hope brandi and jen and whoever else was planning on going to the bar tonight is still going. i thought i was too tired to go but i’ve not gone out in a few days like in boone so i think it’d do me some good. i don’t wanna get in a rut and i really miss going to geno’s and the library. hopefully friday will get me back into the groove if tonight doesn’t end up being a night out with the girls.

i’m gonna go try and get prettied up… i feel like getting out of here!