Crazy Weekend

i guess the weekend got started kinda early for me.. :biggrin: i went to geno’s with brandi, ashley, and jennifer wednesday night. we sat with 2 old weird guys and watched karaoke and eventually we were all buzzed enough to get up and go dance. bryant and james showed up, and a bunch of old friends of mine were there, so it turned out to be one hell of a night. lots of fun… :smile:

thursday night was definitely chaotic. i went to bryant/james/ben/mullis’s apartment. colin and dustin and will went, along with a shitton of other people. i had no idea so many people i knew were going to be there but we partied ’til the wee hours and mullis and i kicked some ass at beer pong for a while. some idiot puked on the carpet and in the kitchen sink so bryant put a nice new hole in the wall. i’m pretty sure i got hit on by a girl, and she talked my ear off telling me not to get married ’til i’m older and that her ex husband sucks and that i need to stay in school. then she told me i was cute about 80 times and i was a little confused. i had too much to drink that night, that’s for sure. pictures are up here. there are some good ones!

yesterday was a good day after my hangover went away… hahaha. puhlman got here way earlier than expected so i was happy. we went and got a late lunch at the mountain house and went grocery shopping. we didn’t know what we wanted to do last night so i took him to hebron and it was so much fun… i got pictures of that too. we stayed ’til it got dark and then made our way back through the woods. there were lots of kids camping there last night… and it made me want to go too. i’ve not been since april. maybe we’ll get to go in ohio… now that would be awesome. we came back to the apartment and we were gonna go to the library and we were gonna go to the LAN at rob and leander’s but both of us were tired and we ended up just ordering papa john’s and watching the family guy movie and it turned out to be an awesome night inside. it sucks he had to leave early today.

grainger comes home tomorrow and i don’t know if i’m going to be able to make it home this week before we leave for ohio. i want to, but i have class and work to tend to. even duane is home right now and i haven’t seen him since like a week before he left. ugh.. :sad: i miss everyone so much!

i’m stoked about our road trip this coming weekend. fall break ’05 is going to be one hell of a good time!