Web 2.0 Addiction

if you don’t know what Web 2.0 is, or if you do know but didn’t realize just how ridiculously huge it has gotten, just go to www.go2web20.net and you will quickly learn more than you ever wanted. o_0 and if you’re anything like me, you will spend the next 7 hours creating accounts on 89% of those websites listed.

i think the only ones i left out were ones i already had, ones that are for kids, or ones for the workplace. since i don’t have one. yet.

i will list my favorites and narrow it down a bit if you are overwhelmed by the extreme SHINY effect of that website. :full: i was like a little kid in a candy store when i went there and i keep going back and finding new things to play with.


  1. StoryTlr – takes all of your social networking RSS feeds and puts them into a lifestream.
  2. TwTip – compilation of twitter’s “tip of the day” tweets.
  3. Plinky – a whole new implementation of question and answer.
  4. Fatburgr – let’s just say, i was really surprised when jimmy john’s seemed more unhealthy than mcdonald’s.
  5. Bubble Comment – add video to your twitter.
  6. Jobirn – lots of employers, lots of job openings, real time.
  7. SmallWorlds – you create your own avatar, your own home, dress up and go to the bar with other e-people… it’s cute and kills time. a lot of time.
  8. Bestuff – what do you think is the best stuff?
  9. FoodFeed – keep track of what you eat. i think writing it down for the public to see might make you more conscious of your eating habits
  10. Aviary – amazing designs created on this website alone. it’s incredible. i just wish i could get good at it.

there are hundreds of applications on this site but those are the ones that i’ve been hooked on for the majority of my day. :lookdown: and i wish our guest speaker at our AITP meeting last night had never showed it to me.