Blizzards And High Heels

the snow started last night, stopped for a little bit, and now we have an all out blizzard going on outside. i was in a hurry this morning so when i walked out to let loki do her business, i slipped and almost ate concrete for breakfast. at least i didn’t ruin my tights. for the rest of my walk to the bus stop, i waddled. i’m glad i left the apartment with 10 minutes to spare because it took me every bit of those 10 minutes to walk the 50 yards to the bus stop. i really hope no one was near a window to witness that… :blush:

my IS project class had to present our first deliverables last week. each team has about 3-4 members and only 3 teams got to go on thursday, so the other 2 teams had to present today. to make it fair for everyone, because we all had to dress up last week to present, we all had to dress up today to watch the remaining teams.

i don’t own any dress shoes that are not high heels so i was forced to wear my nice skirt, tights, dress shirt, and hooker boots all day today. o_0 it worked out in the end because we had an AITP meeting this evening with a guest speaker so at least i looked nice enough to talk in front of 20 people. i just hate wearing tights and heels all day.

i actually got to come home before 9PM today. i didn’t spend 12 hours on campus. hooray for 10 hour days! my buddy robbie gave me a ride home after the meeting and then i drove to the market before the roads got bad. i was running low on food. so low that i actually ate scalloped potatoes mixed with tuna for dinner last night. it’s really NOT that bad, to my surprise.

i got home and i’ve been going over certification practice exams ever since. twitter is a wonderful tool. the other day, i made a tweet about how i am trying to tackle my security+ and CCNA this semester. within the same day, i had 2 people from 2 companies approach me about reviewing their training products.

so that will be my next blog, probably. i’m going to start going through the training manuals/videos/practice exams and then i will do a review of both products. i am pretty excited about this! so far, i’ve gotten training products from and i am awaiting a package from more to come.