We Didn't Kill Eachother

we managed to get the curtains up, and we survived to talk about it. actually, the entire moving process over these last 2 weeks has gone really smoothly.

it’s been over a year and i still can’t believe how easy things have been between the two of us. granted, we have our stupid little arguments. really. stupid. but i actually like that, because for the first time ever, i’m in a relationship where we CAN argue. i hate confrontation, and i hate arguing, i really do… but in my past relationships, i didn’t even have the balls to argue or get mad at the other person. so unless they started it, i’d hold everything in for weeks and let it simmer (because i kept talking myself down and out of whatever it was i felt) until i just exploded. with brett? everything is out in the open. it is… wow, SUCH a good feeling. it just amazes me.

this was not supposed to be a post about my love life, but i know a lot of times, when a couple gets involved in home projects that require cooperation, one or the other blows up and wants to shove a screwdriver into his/her own eye socket, and i am ever so thankful that this did not happen. or even cross my mind.

my initial intentions were to post pictures of the new curtains. we kind of forgot to throw them in the dryer before we hung them so they are still a wrinkled mess. but those wrinkled messes are keeping us from having to set the A/C at 67 degrees just to get the apartment to sit at 71 for an extended period of time. i will deal with the wrinkles.

[![](/content/images/2010/05/sdc10540-225x300.jpg)](/content/images/2010/05/sdc10540.jpg) *wrinkles…*
[![](/content/images/2010/05/sdc10547-225x300.jpg)](/content/images/2010/05/sdc10547.jpg) *…more wrinkles*
[![](/content/images/2010/05/sdc10549-300x225.jpg)](/content/images/2010/05/sdc10549.jpg) *yep. you guessed it. more wrinkles…*
we also went and got a “cheap” rug from wal-mart for the living room. i say “cheap” because it is seriously like the cheapest 5’x8′ rug we could find. the ones at target were just out of the question. we went halvesies on a $60 brown one and called it a day.
[![](/content/images/2010/05/sdc10544-300x225.jpg)](/content/images/2010/05/sdc10544.jpg) *notice the wrinkles in the background?*
so, that’s it for now. the only things left on the to-do list are to find a bookshelf to put in the empty spot in the living room by the window, and to hang the dart board. the dart board that weighs like 20-some odd pounds. the dart board that we’re going to attempt to hang when we JUST figured out how to get curtains to stay up.