The ceiling is going to cave

i have nothing against overweight people. we’re all different.


when you live in an apartment complex, and every member of your family is largely overweight, and you are not on the ground floor, PLEASE have respect for the people below you, by NOT STOMPING 24/7. i mean, i could be wrong, and maaaybe they just have a terrible bug problem upstairs, and they are up there squashing bugs all day. if that is the case, i will never complain again. otherwise, the floor didn’t do anything to you so quit taking your anger out on it!

the family that lives above us is a family of 3. they have 1 kid, a little boy, who is not so little. he might actually weigh more than i do. he is probably 7 or 8 years old. he has a lot of energy. his way of dealing with this energy is by running laps around their apartment. every day, i hear him running back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, stomping, jumping, pounding on the floor (aka, our ceiling). it is awful.


in addition to the running a muck, they seem to move a lot of furniture. especially kitchen chairs. they grind, squeak, screech, and slam into the stone floor all day and all night.

we had the same problem at the last apartment, only it sounded more like nordic giants were hurling couches across the living room all day. at this point, i’m not sure which is worse.

brett and i have been patient. not once did we complain to our old neighbors, but last night around 10:30, the noise just got out of hand. we actually had to use the broom on the ceiling, and they quieted down for the night. unfortunately, that didn’t keep them from getting right back at it today.

we can’t win. if we live on the top floor, not only is moving in a pain in the ass, but so is walking the dog (loki’s shoulder bothers her), and the heat will just drive our electric bill through the roof. literally. if we live in the middle, it’s hot AND we have the stairs AND we hear the people above us. the bottom is the only logical option. we just manage to always get the loudest people above us.

i can’t wait to get a house.