Vegas Tomorrow

i never would’ve thought i’d be going to vegas twice in 7 months. no more after this.

my flight leaves tomorrow at 6PM and i should be arriving around 10 or so tomorrow night. which means it’ll be like 1AM for me and i’m going to be wiped out after working all day, hauling ass to the airport after work, and dealing with airport crap the rest of the night. hopefully, defcon and the vacation will make it all worth it. :)

as long as i get to spend time at the conference, get ice cream at the bellagio, hang out at the pool a bit, and eat at the mexican restaurant i went to last time, i’ll be satisfied.

i will hopefully get a ton of pictures this time around. last time i went my camera was broken. no excuses this time! unless i somehow manage to break this one, too. o_0