Charleston Floods a Lot

last thursday i went to the charleston riverdogs game. it had been far too long since i went to a baseball game and it must have been my lucky day because the riverdogs played the hickory crawdads! :blush: i was the idiot screaming for the opposing team.

that’s all okay though, because it was thirsty thursday i had 2 whiskey sours (and gator bites! yum!) before the game and by the time i was in my seat, i had 2 more little $1 beers in hand and was ready to go. after waiting in line for half an hour just to get 2 tiny little beers, i think had already sweated out the 2 whiskey sours.

crawdads were winning 8-2 when black clouds came in and the wind picked up. minutes later, the rain started coming down in buckets and the diamond was covered up with the biggest tarp i’ve ever seen in my life.

[![pouuuuring at the ball game!! Crawdads 8-2!!! :) on Twitpic](]( "pouuuuring at the ball game!! Crawdads 8-2!!! :) on Twitpic")
about 12 kids decided that it was the perfect opportunity to play on the biggest *slip-n-slide* they’d ever seen and i wish like hell i’d done the same. they didn’t even get in trouble. they just got dragged off the field. next time… next time. :evil:

we decided to make a run for the car because the rain just wasn’t stopping. i was in cowboy boots, cut off shorts, and a t-shirt hauling ass for 3-ish blocks in pouring down rain (and about a foot of water in some places). i looked nothing short of ridiculous, but it was the most fun i’ve had in a while.

i rode with bryce to go to an ATM because i needed to get cash to get my car out of the parking deck. on the way, we went down the wrong road and drove right into a foot and a half of water in a lumina. luminas aren’t meant to swim, by any means. the car stopped, and we got stuck.

and then, just like they were sent from heaven, a car-full of baseball players started running full speed at the car and pushed us out. :happy: for the next hour or so, they pushed about 5 other cars out too. everyone was helping out pushing, pulling, and jumping off cars.

bryce’s car wouldn’t start at all and my car was 2 miles away (and probably past even deeper water) so to top off the night, this really nice kid gave us a ride home. i might not ever see any of them for the rest of my life but they made me happy. it was just one of those things that makes me realize how surprising people can be. :cry:

i did get my car back the next day (a guy from work gave us a lift) and bryce’s car works now so everything’s back to normal, in case anyone was wondering.

the moral of the story: umbrellas are overrated. and there are some very nice people in this world.