Today Sucked ASS

today was horrible, or close enough to it. first of all, i go to work and find out that the 3-page memo i sent out last week had to be corrected from when the director wrote it, so they all decided to make me send it out again. k, so here’s the deal. it’s 3 pages, but the first page has to be on WFU letterheads, so the first page has to be copied & printed separately, which means i have to put them all together. then… they have to be stapled. then… they have to have labels put on them. instead of making 300 like last time, i have to make 1,462!!!! :angry: i wanted to shoot myself. i have lots of papercuts… lots. the printers jammed like 6 times and my boss isn’t computer-friendly so between the printers and her computer acting up, i never got to sit down until she left.

by 1pm, i was really, really hungry so my mom agreed to get us a large pizza hut pizza. well, i ordered it thinking my boss was going to let me go get it at 12:30 since it was going to be ready in 15 minutes. she didn’t let me. i called pizza hut back and told them that i couldn’t get it ’til 1:00 so either keep it in a heatbag or something for half an hour. the guy totally didn’t get that concept at all so he threw it away thinking it meant i wasn’t going to get it. i didn’t know this so i left anyway. i was walking to my mom’s building to get the money and i slipped and sat right in a mud puddle. i had a skirt on and it’s cold and wet and halfway see through just on my ass after this so i was walking around campus trying to keep my purse on top of my ass… eh, don’t ask. i got to pizza hut after many obstacles and dirty construction workers and almost getting hit by a wall of grass from the guy blowing the leafblower right in my direction. the guy told me they threw my pizza away. :crying: so i had to wait another 15 minutes for a new one. i got back to my mom’s building, slipped walking in the door and about busted ass on the linoleum but luckily the umbrella i borrowed from gwen (it’s about 3 feet tall and almost blew me away) saved me by getting stuck on the door and i didn’t fall nor did i drop the pizza. i was kind of proud of myself for not screwing up again. at least the pizza was good and i got a nice, calm lunchbreak.

the remainder of the afternoon was spent sitting in our office putting together stupid memos. the good part was grainger finally got online and i got to talk to him. i miss that bastard. :biggrin: ozzfest when you come home, buddy. you are not skipping out on this one!!!

now i’m at home and i have been sitting on my ass doing absolutely nothing and i love it. i’m so tired and i guess i’m just worn out from being out 24/7 lately and partying and barely sleeping. gah. maybe tonight i’ll crash early. that never seems to happen though, it’s no fun. collin and alex are still house sitting at matt’s so it’s so tempting to go hang out there!

friday night i get to go see man-o-war with james and sunday james and brandi and i might be heading to bristol, TN to go to dukesfest!!! i’m gonna be so psyched if i actually get to go. :wassat:

time to lay down and watch some TV. yay. :smile: