I Am A Dumbass

never again will i wear flip flops when it’s rainy outside at wake forest. everyplace on campus is a disaster area because of the construction so there is red clay/mud all over the place. everything was also covered in like an inch of water because of all the rain. i’m all cool with a white skirt and white sweater and flip flops walking around, all the while flipping little pieces of red mud all over the back of my skirt. i have no skill whatsoever. :biggrin: it wasn’t as bad as yesterday’s incident, but geez. it was definitely irritating. i also have a new friend at work. i don’t know who he is but he peeks in my window like every 5 minutes and gives me a strange smirk and then goes back to being a good little construction worker. i think he’s my age? i can’t tell. :crazy:

last night actually turned out to be a lot of fun. i came home after work and sat around and was lazy for a while. that was nice. :smile: then i got unbelievably bored so i joined collin and alex and leah over at matt’s house to eat pizza and watch TV and play drinking games. somehow, that never gets old in that house. leah left but the three of us continued the night and wound up at waffle house around midnight making friends with strangers and old women. oh how i wish i’d actually taken pictures. fudge. oh well. it was a good night!