Thoroughly Grossed Out

this is a kind of funny, kind of sad, and very disgusting event i witnessed while i was in las vegas earlier this month. i feel the urge to share it because something this gross is too much for me to handle alone.

brett and i went to the lunch buffet at our hotel one afternoon. neither of us had tried it before, and i don’t think i’ll ever visit it again. not just because of what happened, but also because my enchiladas were much like cheesy rubber. brett only ate fruit (smart move) and was facing a different direction, so he did not have to witness the awful sitting behind him. it’s safe to say he lucked out that day.

the table behind us consisted of 3 women who looked to be asian. or something along those lines. i really suck at discerning a person’s nationality if it’s not blatantly obvious. each of them had to weigh at least 350 pounds. LET ME FIRST SAY that i have nothing against overweight people. at all. there are many factors that contribute to obesity.

i think the main factors in this scenario, however, were the egg rolls, cheesy nachos, hot dogs, and ice cream, piled high on each of their plates. i had a tommy boy moment–“i can actually hear you getting fatter”. it was more than uncomfortable to watch, as none of the 3 women had any table manners. so you literally could hear. the food. and the smacking. and the squishing. also, what is it about larger women who insist on wearing clothing 2 sizes too small? it’s unattractive, sure. but that’s also got to be seriously uncomfortable.

anyway, i have this thing about chewing with your mouth open while eating. maybe it’s because my dad always told me to chew with my mouth closed when i got sloppy as a kid. maybe it’s just me. but the sound an open mouth makes while chewing something (like egg rolls… and hot dogs… and nachos… and copious amounts of cheese) thoroughly grosses me out. i can’t stand it–i just think it’s nasty, and it makes me want to puke.

i tried to put the image (and the sounds) out of my mind, and i took a look at their kid. he was maybe 3 or 4 years old and he was adorable. he was also eating cheesy nachos and ice cream (surprise), with a huge smile on his face, but i guess he thought he needed to 1-up his mama and her friends.

he actually picked his nose, put it on his ice cream, scooped up a spoonful, and ate it. HE ATE IT. i watched in horror as this all went down in slow motion, hoping, just hoping that he wouldn’t go through with it. and he did. honestly, i’m not sure which was worse.

has anyone else ever witnessed something this disgusting in public?