This Week

brett's parents came to visit friday-sun. everyone went out on the boat saturday, so i got to spend saturday with the babies :)

went to a get together for ashley's birthday saturday night. came home and cooked eggs and sausage at like midnight.

brett's family left in the morning.

i got caylin ready to have her birthday party at the water park. the neighbors came, and a couple gymnastics friends were there. unicorn goodie bags and all. caylin went down all the big kid slides, and was a pro in the wave pool. i was so proud of her.

caylin and i got large orders of dippin dots, because ordering a small is an abomination. i also caved and got her cheetos (i very rarely let her get cheetos) and her favorite powerade.

that evening, right when we got home, my dad, uncle, and aunt showed up. i hadn't seen them in years. and hadn't seen dad in far too long. pizza and presents from dad and christine (hatchimals and socks and sidewalk chalk, omg), it was fun.

monday was an unepected amount of happy. kids went to school and daycare. work day flew by. dad and aunt/uncle were supposed to go to dinner with us. dad texted and said he wanted a me and him dinner. it was everything i hoped for, and then some.

i don't think we've sat and talked like that since the night his father passed, which is sad, because it should happen more often. he talked about retirement and all the awesome things he's been doing since then, and i am so happy for him.

i have always looked up to him, for so many reasons. he's why i got into computers and engineering, bottom line. but mom usually was the influence in this area (ever since i can remember, emphasis on volunteering and giving back and staying busy), so it was kind of great to see this side of dad. he's been volunteering at the local library doing tech support for the locals, weekly. and he's also been sponsoring less fortunate kids through a program, buying them clothes and taking them shopping for school supplies, etc. he probably couldn't tell because i was trying to hide my overwhelming happy, but i was glowing. just... the best feels.

i cried when i pulled out of the parking lot, mostly because i was just so glad to have that amount of time one on one with him finally. and to talk about meaningful things. and for it to just feel right.

between life and kids and everything in between, a lot gets left out. and talking to my parents is part of that. it made me feel whole again.

they came over again last night and brought dinner and the whole 9. hung out for a while, caylin and my uncle played for a while, it was really nice.

and icing on the cake, mom had been gone for like 5 days hanging out in new york at the state fair with all her friends from back home. had the time of her life. the facebook photos were proof enough. got to pick her up from the airport this afternoon and take her home.

decorated for caylin's birthday and wrapped all her presents after she went to bed tonight (oh and left out the couple hours i spent last night making her unicorn cupcake cake). it's now 1:30am and she's officially 6. i don't even know how to comprehend that.

it was just a really fulfilling few days, getting to see everyone, and actually talk to them. and spend time with them. it's a good feeling.