i feel like a terrible mom comparing kiddo #1 to the twins. i blogged every month. that is just so hard to keep up these days. so hard.

zoey and ella have 6 teeth now.

ella is walking, kind of. she can take 4-5 steps. zoey can take 1-2. then they both faceplant. but they are trying :) ella has been the more adventurous one. zoey is pretty happy being toted around!

zoey throws her bottles and smashes food and gets pissed. ella gets pissed but not to the point that zoey does. she'll just start wailing. they have incredibly different personalities.

they learned how to climb the stairs and push down baby gates.

they babble a lot. still. zoey says (or least we think she says?) daddy, and has said mommy and baby. no clue if that's her intent. ella still makes weird adorable noises, and i'm fairly certain she just doesn't speak english.

they love eating puffs and cheese and chocolate pudding. they go nuts over pudding and get pissed when it's gone.

they run all over in their walkers, and last night i actually fell on ella while i was cooking dinner. walkers in the kitchen are dangerous. omg.

they love pulling things out of the fridge.

they also love busting through the bathroom door with their walkers.

i'll say, "i'm gonna get you!!!" and ella will bolt in the other direction giggling. zoey runs right at me. i'm not sure if she doesn't get it yet or just doesn't give a damn and wants to be tickled. either way... the laughs are amazing.

their playpen is basically useless at this point. it came with suction cups attached to the bottom, and a couple months ago, one came off. ella ended up with it in her mouth and she choked and went blue. i was on travel, brett turned around because he heard choking. that phone call nearly killed me. so, tl;dr, we took all the suction cups off. so now the playpen scooches around on the hardwood floor. they waddle around and hold on for dear life. small sacrifice.

this weekend they had ice cream for the first time. caylin's 1st grade orientation was this weekend. get this... ice sculpture, a TON (it might have literally been a ton) of cookies, lemonade (arguably the best lemonade i've ever had in my life), and FREE!! ICE!! CREAM!! what!

she's going to a new school this year. she went to a public charter school last year, and we were not pleased... for a LOT of reasons. so we switched her to a new one. they had their ribbon cutting ceremony sunday afternoon, in august, outside. kill me now. BUT. even after 30 seconds of meeting her teacher, we both felt a whole lot better. was a night and day difference. he gave her a huge hug, had all the happy feels... just... much different. her last teacher refused to shake her hand, acknowledge her, wouldn't shake my hand or acknowledge me either, and later on in the year she scolded me for not referring to her as "mrs". are you kidding me.

so, this year feels a lot better. plus, a lot of the kids that were at her previous school left for similar reasons, and are now at her new school. win.

so far... so good. day 2 went well, minus a fake trip to the nurse's office. she's adjusting.

she's got her second wiggly tooth (first one came out last month), and she's stoked about turning 6 next week. i, on the other hand, am not. because it means she's 6. and it means i feel older. and it means she's growing up. again. i hate it.

her birthday party is this weekend, and i've been told i must make a unicorn cake. so it's happening.

i'm not prepared for any of this. or for what's to come. 3 kids means 1 day at a time. i feel like i'm not equipped with 5% of the patience required for any of this... but i'm trying.

bottom line... they are all amazing.