This Might Be Slightly Obsessive

i have been staring at the stickers i bought online today ever since i pressed the checkout button. is addictive. and i’m (im)patiently waiting for brett to come over here and look at them. it’s going to be entirely too far away if i wait until they get here to show them, and he’s playing COD, so the next time he dies, i’m going to force him to stare at them with me.

so i’ve been sitting here a while. he won’t die. and i started wondering why i might be so obsessed with stickers.

most of you who know me know i drove a little white saturn before i bought my truck. i loved that car to pieces, almost literally. it was covered in huge ass stickers, like 13 of them, all over the back. i was almost more upset about losing all my stickers when i sold my car than i was about actually selling my car. i cried over both.

my laptop(s) are covered in stickers. and i refuse to throw my dead one away, mostly because it has a crapton of my favorite stickers on it, and i don’t want to lose them. also because i’ve convinced myself that i’ll be able to salvage some of its innards one day when i get around to gutting it. which probably won’t even happen.

ANYWAY, the point… i’ve had an obsession with stickers since i was old enough to know what stickers are.

when i was probably 4-5, i started putting all of my stickers in a photo album. a huge purple photo album. every sticker i ever owned went into that album. every. single. one. i would convince mom to take me to toys-r-us and i would immediately navigate to the huge racks of stickers. if there were fuzzy stickers, i would try to buy ALL of them.

if you don’t already know this, fuzzy stickers are pretty much THE MOTHERLOAD.

eventually, it go to the point where i owned most of the stickers on the racks. still, i kept collecting. and i would show my sticker album to everyone. going page by page, practically beaming, mostly over the fuzzy ones. or the puffy ones. or the holograms. i was so proud.

and if anyone touched them, it was a possibility that i would try to maim them.

i also counted all of my stickers. i collected them and counted them until i got to over 6,000. i kept a running count on the back of the photo album in permanent marker so my count could never be lost. i was kind of a sticker nazi.

i counted them pretty much every day, and somehow, even if i hadn’t bought more stickers, the number was almost never the same.

and HOLY CRAP this post is being cut short immediately because brett just got off call of duty and i am making him come look at my stickers.