They're All Grown Up

  • caylin showers nightly on her own, picks out her own clothes, dresses herself, puts her dishes in the sink, packs her backpack, picks out her breakfast, can bring her sisters stuff (bottles, pacifiers, etc), plays with them in the mornings, reads to them, does all the things
  • the twins feed themselves (loudly), they try to dress themselves, and take their bottles to bed
  • they even run to the closet when i pick them up at daycare (the one that holds their blankets and jackets) to get their things
  • i put all the things on the lawn last week ish and this week, despite my hormonal instincts :( bumbos, bassinettes, walkers, boppy pillows, diaper caddies, car seats, playpen, pack and play, etc... tossed it on facebook, gone in < 20 minutes
  • i couldn't part with the newborn diapers i found, that one hit hard... so little <3

my babies are growing up.

i hate it.

caylin told me tonight when we were doing our bedtime routine that she would never stop telling me she loves me.

FOLLOWED UP BY.. "i will always take care of my sisters" <3

i can only hope the other 2 say the same.

parenthood is going to kill me. but they are so amazing. and so cute.