2019, week 1 in the books

have had to take a step back lately... i hit a new low in 2018.

stress, hormones, winter, chaos of 3 kids, major career changes, anxiety, depression. everyone says twins are hard, what no one tells you about is the toll it all takes physically and mentally and hormonally. i swear it still feels like i'm dealing with postpartum bs. i have felt like a shell of myself for so many months.

not enough good sleep, far too much drinking, only makes it worse.

now drinking 1-2 days a week instead of 7. it's bad when you wake up not feeling slightly hungover and are surprised by it.

one thing i haven't failed at, thank god, is the working out. hit 70+ 5k's since september.

today was short but definitely not fun. yesterday was the 300. day before wasn't much friendlier.

over the last 4 years, running and the gym went from chore to favorite activity. thankful for that.