The Next Logical Step

i passed my CEH exam on friday.

and today i got endorsed for my full CISSP (woot!).

this is really exciting for me. mostly because if you had told me 2 years ago that i would have both of these certifications already, i would have said you’re shitting me. we were lucky enough at ASU to have 2 security classes–one focusing on the CEH, the other on the first 5 domains of the CISSP. they were fun, challenging, and gave me another excuse to spend my life in front of a computer. and the final exams were BRUTAL.

so… it gives me great pleasure to say that i’ve accomplished those personal goals. :cry:

it also leaves me with nothing to study for. and that feels weird. i have websites to work on, welding to do, but i still have this hole where i feel like i should be learning something new. so maybe… just maybe… 2011 will be the year wherein i earn my RHCE. or something equally ridiculous.

i think i’m losing my mind.

and right after i typed that sentence i signed up for next semester’s MIG welding class.