Poor Maintenance Man

i really wonder what my maintenance man thinks after visiting our apartment.

a couple weeks ago, i put in a maintenance request to fix a few things in our apartment. like my bathroom cabinet door that was hanging on by 1 screw. and the vent on our microwave that just FELL off. and the A/C was broken (or so we thought, false alarm).

this is one of the ONLY reasons i enjoy living in an apartment–free repairs. for ANYTHING.

the maintenance man (or men) came while we were gone one weekend and fixed all of it. but do maintenance men pay attention when they go into someone else’s place? do they notice what’s around them, or do they just walk in and fix whatever is broken and leave?

the reason i ask is there is a lot of randomness in our apartment. i’m sure they’ve seen worse, but still. on the way to the bathroom, our maintenance man would encounter:

  • a dozen+ whiskey bottles
  • shot gun shells
  • a shotgun
  • a BB gun
  • 2 flails in the corner
  • a battle axe on the floor
  • robot painting

i kind of wish one of us could have been there to shed some light on why those particular items happen to be in our apartment. i also wish i knew which of those details he pieced together to make any kind of sense.

at least he didn’t come last week, because there would’ve been an extra 10.5″ knife sitting on the coffee table, next to a welding helmet and prison-like coveralls. awkwaaard…