The Nerdy High Life

i never really realized how lucky i’ve gotten as far as jobs go. between working at tech. support the last 4 years and now working at an advertising/creative studio, i have experienced a phenomenal amount of employee politics/drama/entertainment/bullshit and i’ve learned more STUFF than i ever wanted to learn. i’ve worked with the weirdest people i’ve met in my life and most of my closest friends came out of these 2 jobs (that says a lot :wink: ). the weirdest part is i just kind of fell into both jobs.

working at tech. support is probably one of the things i will miss most when i get out of college/leave boone/leap into the scary real world. it’s kind of like a magical happy place with a ton of nerds, computers, gadgets, booze (after crappy, long days), irritable and often quirky customers, lewd and disgusting and hilarious dialogue, and not nearly enough sanity to go around. it’s basically the best job in the world. after writing this paragraph, i realize how much i miss boone as i’m living down here for the summer. i’m excited about driving up for my birthday weekend. i miss jill and laura and all my friends and my crazy neighbors and everyone at work. i even miss campus and i especially miss my bed. GOSH, i’m so excited.

ANYWAY, what i was getting at was… the job i stumbled upon in craigslist where i’m now employed reminds me a lot of tech. support. the atmosphere is laid back and fun and energetic and everyone has their own little niche in the nerd world. we have photographers and videographers and writers and flash artists and painters and 3D animators and radio guys who can make anyone sound like a UFC announcer. there are so many talented people that it’s impossible not to learn something new every day, and sitting there all day is so enjoyable to me. i sit in my little corner of the office with fudge and a coke (in a tiny glass bottle, no less!) and take in all the drama that seems to unfold in large quantities every day. the drama… OH the drama. it’s anything but boring.

one of my bosses is a bit of a drama queen and is SO funny to listen to when she’s angry. i love her, although i’d hate to ever get on her bad side. her husband is the CEO and he mostly wanders around with coffee in hand going from office to office striking up conversations about night rider and complaining about getting “old” when he’s barely over 30. another one of my bosses is a super nice younger woman who is from some spanish speaking country i can never remember and i’m probably going to go back to boone saying “SI!” to everything. my supervisor is a new guy who just got hired last week and i’m envious of his amazing paintings. i’m working on a website for him and i really want one of his prints but that would probably cost me an arm and a leg. i share an office with 2 uber nerds (and i don’t mean that in a bad way). one of them is super good at drawing comics/anime-type stuff and the other is our 3D animation guy. courtney is our secretary who sits up front all day and since julianna has left me and moved to south korea, courtney has become one of my lunch buddies. jessica, our photographer, is my other lunch buddy. she mostly makes fun of me for eating humongous amounts of fudge and tweaking out during the day. and then there’s taylor, our videographer, who is basically our comic relief. i should say he’s our biggest comic relief because everyone is extremely out there and in their own world and we all talk to ourselves, but he’s the most outgoing. when i say outgoing, i mean he goes out of his office and will a) steal your food or b) pull your hair or c) flip you the bird at any given moment. or sometimes even shove a camera in your face.

i’m really split when i think about leaving in august. i love this job but i miss boone and my apartment and my stuff and of course i have to finish school. let’s not forget about that. i’m hoping they’ll let me work remotely when i leave. at least it will give me lots of good memories and hopefully i’ll be able to keep in touch with a lot of the people i’ve met.

that’s enough sappy crap because i know i’m going to start getting nostalgic! my mom called and i talked to my dad and it made me miss home and i got an early birthday card in the mail today from my grandma and almost cried because it was so unexpected. that made my day even better. i’m going to call her tomorrow and thank her. adam and i are all snuggled up on the couch and i’m getting fedora back to normal (i reformatted for a 3rd time over the weekend but this time vmware server AND my wireless are working perfectly!) and watching tapout and watching the animals maul each other. this is the life.