Best Monday Ever

adam’s buddies drove down from massachusetts last night and got here around 1:30 in the morning, which means we drove to the liquor store on post at about 2:30 AM and stocked up on vodka, whiskey, red bull, mountain dew, and mcdonald’s. within moments of those 2 walking in the door, i had a feeling today was going to be ROUGH. i was so very wrong.

we stayed up entirely too late last night and went to bed around 6:30 AM so i woke up super late. i washed my face, threw on a skirt, and ran out the door. i got to work and finished another website i’ve been working on which took me a whole 45 minutes and realized i had NOTHING to do. i’ve finished all that i can on every client’s site i’ve been coding and i’m still waiting on everyone else to give me their pictures/video/etc that corresponds with each client. since no one else is done, i am kind of stuck. so i got sent home at the lovely hour of 11:30 this morning. i just love my job.

i came home and adam was still sleeping. josh and ben were up chowing down on every bit of junk food in our apartment but i couldn’t stomach anything yet due to the fact that i was still reaping the “benefits” of last night’s shenanigans. i passed out for a couple hours and then adam and i took the guys on a quick tour of fort bragg, had fazoli’s for lunch, and now they’re taking over the entire living room with their world tour on rock band. josh is singing and it’s amazing how this game lets you get every word wrong and still pass. i don’t think they will ever have a music career… :lookright:

for a while now i’ve been dreading this week because i figured work would kill all the fun but when i asked my boss for wednesday-friday off (saturday is my birthday and i wanted a long weekend) she acted surprised that i even asked for it. it was strange. so now the only real work day i have is tomorrow if i even stay the whole day then. i still don’t have anything to do, so we’ll see. i’m still not sure what’s in store for tonight. tomorrow night and wednesday night we’re going camping on the beach. thursday night, adam and i are going to winston and hopefully going out with jill and mykke and then friday and saturday we’re going to boone. my boss is taking us to see motley crue, sixx am, buckcherry, papa roach, and some other band in charlotte saturday night for my BIRTHDAY!! :biggrin: basically, it’s going to be another incredible birthday/birthday week.

i’m freaking stoked. crossing my fingers that nothing bad happens…