The Man Deserves His Giant Pot of Spaghetti

i leave for raleigh tomorrow afternoon to go to my next red hat certification course/exam. something i really need to be more mentally prepared for than i feel like i am. so i am blaming my state of unpreparedness all on the events of this past week.

one of my veneers broke off while i was eating pancakes, of all things. months after i had it done. went to go get it fixed the next morning and threw up while i was in the dentist chair. the dentist got me the trash can before it got ugly, but… not a fun experience. oh, the joys of pregnancy.

my laptop hard drive bit the dust. pretty important since it runs fedora, which is what i will using to study next week after classes. lucky for me, i run fedora on one of my work laptops so i’m good to go. i just have to buy a new hard drive when i get back. having to spend way too much money lately.

my car loan that i am STILL in the process of refinancing with my credit union hasn’t completed yet. over a month later. because the bank that i am leaving (could not be more glad i’m leaving) is taking their sweet ass time refunding my gap insurance. so the loan can’t be transferred until they credit that money back to my account. which means i have had to call every day to verify the status.

i bought the car through enterprise, got the gap insurance through allstate, financed the car with fifth third bank, who sold my loan to santander–the worst bank i have ever had the displeasure of working with. santander’s “customer service” reps barely speak english, and i have to mash zero about 20 times before it finally gives up and sends me to a real person. every time i call santander, they tell me that the money hasn’t been credited to my account. well, no shit. i can see that in my account balance. i’m trying to get the status of the transaction. they never have an answer, and tell me to call fifth third, because apparently fifth third is supposed to send them the check. i called fifth third to check the status, and they were like, “we haven’t received anything from allstate, and there is nothing on your account record noting this”. WTF? why hasn’t allstate done anything? enterprise faxed my paperwork over a month ago. the check should, at the very least, be in their hands by now. so i called allstate. allstate was like, “we never heard anything from enterprise. also, you still have your gap insurance” are you kidding me?

turns out, santander cashed my check less than a week ago and it still hasn’t been credited to my account. but i didn’t know that until i had the guy at enterprise call them and bug the shit out of them. which means santander was very wrong, fifth third was very wrong, and allstate was very wrong. which means that i will never do business with any of these companies ever again. and i owe the guy at enterprise a million high fives for actually making shit happen.

however, it’s only a partial success until the money actually shows up in my account. because although the check has been cashed, it still hasn’t been credited back to me. so i get to call again on monday, and i’m willing to bet that the santander rep i speak with will be just as clueless as the rest of the people i talked to. can’t wait.

none of these are huge issues, by any means, but when they all happen at the same time, it’s frustrating. especially when work is as crazy as it has been the last several weeks. good because i’m always busy. bad because i have no patience these days.

on the subject of loki’s chemo treatments, still no signs of success with the new medication. it’s only been like 9 days, but it is driving me nuts not knowing anything. besides the fact that the lump is still there. the vet says this is the most stubborn case of a mast cell tumor she’s ever come across. keeping my fingers crossed.

as bummed as i am about leaving loki all week, i’m even more bummed to be away from brett and home. i love having someone to make dinner for and do things for. if it weren’t for brett, i’d live in a giant t-shirt and eat nothing but cereal, bagel bites, and chocolate. all we do is hang out and play on our computers, play video games, and watch TV and movies. which sounds boring to most, i’m sure, but we are homebodies. we love wearing sweatpants and getting drunk together in the comfort of our own home (not while i’m pregnant, calm down mother). taking loki on walks and cheap dinner dates. we are very much creatures of comfort.

yesterday i went to the grocery and bought him a ton of stuff to eat while i’m gone next week so i won’t feel like a craptastic wife. i cooked a huge pot of spaghetti for him and stocked up on doritos and strawberries–3 of his weaknesses. and then he told me that i am not supposed to do all this just because i’m gonna be gone a week, and that he can take care of himself, but he is too good to me and i feel like it is my wifely duty to make sure he’s stocked up.

and speaking of being too good to me, he just bought us tickets to go see brian regan in charlotte next weekend after our baby shower. see what i mean? giant pot of spaghetti is totally necessary.