the hard part

this is the hardest part of deployment i think…. getting over the sleeping by yourself, not seeing them everyday, not being able to pick up the phone and call, not knowing what’s going on yet since he’s not been able to call yet and things are up in the air, not knowing when he’s scheduled to come home… it’s nerve wrecking and i swear to god it hits me harder every damn day. i hate this and at the same time i know our relationship wouldn’t be the same without everything that goes on between us. it makes us stronger and makes us realize what we would normally take for granted and it makes us realize how awesome it is when we are actually together but i’d be lying if i said i haven’t cried every night since he’s left. i feel like such a baby but it just hits me when i come home to an empty room and it’s so quiet and he’s not here. good god, i miss you, adam.

the first day of classes was today. mine are alright, 3 good professors so far. my MW class was changed to just mondays so it’s 2 and a half hours long which is kind of nice to only have it once a week but it’s hard to stay awake that long, especially when i start the day out so early in the morning. i had a case of the head bobs tonight in class. at least i know people in there to keep it interesting. i have my other 3 classes tomorrow. wish me luck.

i need to go to bed. i had a hard time waking up this morning… so i need to get some sleep tonight. i didn’t realize i had all 9 and 9:30 classes all week. i could’ve sworn i picked 11:00 classes. i’m a retard.

night night, sleep tight. i love you, adam.