so far, so good

classes seem alright so far. i have 4 female professors this semester which is a huge change from last semester- all oooollld and male. i know people in all of my classes except for my stats 2 class which is probably the one i’ll need the most help in. go figure, right? i should be okay because i have a much better professor than i did for stats 1. my first class this morning is my business education class that’s required for my major, and apparently the main goal of the class is to learn how to make a website. my jaw dropped and hopefully it’ll be an easy A for me. i’m already taking 18 hours so it would be nice to know that i can breeze through at least one of them. and 2 of my professors decided that they only want to meet once a week!! i am definitely not complaining.

we have probably 6 inches or more of snow on the ground now. it’s hard to tell with the wind. the weather channel said it’s up to 35 mph now. they only plowed once tonight and that was at about 6 this evening so it’s completely undone and i don’t know how much success they’ll have tomorrow morning. last time it snowed, they didn’t plow all the way up to my apartment. all i know is i will be having fun hopping through the snow to the bus stop in the morning… all bundled up and i am SO excited. it’s powder and fluffy and everywhere and it’s gonna be so much fun! i’ve been waiting for this since november. it’s about damn time winter came around.

i’ll be putting up pictures soon from when adam was here and from today in the snow and all that fun stuff. i have been taking more lately since i got out of the swing of things for a while. i didn’t take many pictures the past couple months and i should’ve been ’cause i missed a lot of good opportunities but that’s alright. i got some of me and adam and i know i’d be super pissed if i hadn’t gotten at least that.

i’m gonna go finish my homework and get to sleep… waking up bright and early in the morning. and i’m going to go watch TV with my new roommate who is social and fun and has crazy freaking cats running around the apartment. this is a new and very nice experience. i think it will work out well. :biggrin:

sherry, i am going to call you soon! i promise. everytime i go to call you i realize it’s way late and i am never sure if you’re working or not because you have odd hours so i am getting to it.


i miss you, turd.