The Big Two Five. In Photos.

to say that i’ve been blessed is an understatement, and i realize it even more so after this weekend and my birthday.

i was with brett. i got to see my mom AND my dad AND my stepmom.

and even though my closest friends live between 3 and 5 hours away, they were with me this weekend, and that’s all i really wanted.

[![](/content/images/2011/07/cake-300x225.jpg "cake")](/content/images/2011/07/cake.jpg)my mom baked me an epic birthday cake shaped like loki. :grin:

i celebrated the 4th of july (on the 2nd) with some of my best friends extended family back home.

i went kayaking on the yadkin river with brett and my good friend kyle, and made some new ones along the way. :)

had entirely too much fun on a fireworks & ice cream run with one of my favorite people on this earth.

played with sparklers in the street like we were stupid little kids all over again.

my beautiful birthday roses

brett surprised me with gorgeous birthday roses and a card the morning of my birthday.

sigh. if only charleston was closer to home. :cry: